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L'sitkuk est le nom originel de la communauté indienne de la rivière de l'Ours et qui fait partie de la Première Nation Mi'kmaw. Située tout près du bassin de la rivière de l'Ours, cette petite communauté autochtone est en train de reconquérir sa culture, sa langue et son identité après des centaines d'années de colonisation et d'assimilation.

Ayant vécu dans cette région pour des milliers d'années, ils furent parmi les premiers en Amérique à prendre contact avec les Blancs.

Ce livre préserve la mémoire des anciens transmise par tradition orale et est illustré par des centaines de photos anciennes. Ce livre permet de mieux connaître qui étaient ces gens, comment ils survivaient, prospéraient et se soutenaient les uns les autres.



"L'sitkuk is a mind-boggling mixture of storytelling and documented history - it contains stories from elders, observers, trappers, loggers, and moose-callers, including the voices of both women and men. While the personal stories make this book engaging, the extensive footnotes and bibliography make it an excellent research tool."

- Jill Manderson, Atlantic Books Today

L'sitkuk, A Book for Connecting

Darlene A. Ricker,
Freelance writer
March 2002

oseway Publishing presents:
"L'sitkuk: the Story of the
Bear River Mi'kmaw Community"

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L'sitkuk (pronounced elsetkook) is the original name for the Bear River Mi'kmaw community, which is part of the Mi'kmaw First Nation. Nestled close to the Bear River watershed, this tiny native community is regaining its culture, language and identity after hundreds of years of colonialism and assimilation. Living in the area for thousands of years, they were among the first people in Canada to have continuous contact with non-natives.

This book preserves the memory of the elders through oral histories and nearly a hundred early photographs. It tells who these people are and how they survived, prospered and sustained one another. The stories of everyday life reflect native values and the strong ideal of interconnectedness in the community.

Darlene A. Ricker listened to the stories and learned about the traditions and culture of the closely knit Mi'kmaw community at Bear River. From her interviews with elders and young people, she has drawn this poignant history.

215 pp paper
ISBN 1-896496-05-9


Darlene A. Ricker is
a freelance writer who
contributes to the 
"Mi'kmaq and Maliseet
Nations News" and edits
"The Bear River Beat", 
the L'sitkuk community
newsletter. She received an Atlantic
Writing Competition award for "L'sitkuk" from the Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia. An employment counselor for Community Services, Annapolis Employment Support Centre, she lives in Bear River with her partner, George Chisholm.

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