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Faut que ça bouge pour avoir du changement (avec le "meilleur" guide)

"Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (B.E.S.T.)" (Transports plus écologiquement viables) est une organisation à but non lucratif de Vancouver qui oeuvre pour rendre les communautés plus saines par la promotion des transports viables, d’une meilleure planification de l’usage des terres et la création de quartiers qui mettent l’accent sur la marche, le cyclisme et les transports en commun.

Afin d’en arriver à cela, B.E.S.T. a préparé une trousse pour aider les communautés à aborder les questions relatives aux transports locaux.

Get Moving for Change with the
B.E.S.T Advocacy Toolkit!

Liana Evans

Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (B.E.S.T.)
February 2000


ir and noise pollution are two of the most obvious impacts of our car culture, but cars also consume vast quantities of land for roads and parking. Busy streets run through our neighbourhoods, cutting us off from our neighbours and driving us indoors to escape the noise and pollution. Community life suffers and so does our environment.

(photo: NBEN-RENB)

Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (B.E.S.T.) is a non-profit Vancouver-based organization working to make communities healthier places to live by promoting sustainable transportation, better land-use planning, and the creation of pedestrian, cycling and transit- oriented neighbourhoods.

To this end, B.E.S.T. has produced a toolkit to help communities deal with local transportation issues. Ask yourself the following questions: Is my neighbourhood being taken over by gas guzzling Sport Utility Vehicles? Am I concerned about the lack of transportation alternatives in my neighbourhood? Is traffic noise keeping me from enjoying being out in my yard? Do I want to encourage people to get out of their cars and onto their bikes?

Reclaim your neighbourhood, and create an alternative vision! Neighbourhoods are meant for people, not automobile traffic. Unsure where and how to begin improving transportation and liveability options in your neighbourhood? Enter stage right: The B.E.S.T. Advocacy Toolkit! It’s all you need to get moving for change in one neat little package.

Four well written, approachable booklets cover the basics of transportation advocacy. Building a Liveable Neighbourhood describes "liveable" neighbourhoods, provides inspirational success stories, and tells us how we can start building them. It covers topics like greenways, bikeways, pedestrian-friendly facilities, and traffic calming. How to Organize a Bike Week Event describes how to promote one of the most efficient forms of sustainable transportation – cycling – in your neighbourhood. Step-by-step instructions cover everything you need to know in order to host a successful Bike Week event. Working with the Media and How to Lobby will show you how to take transportation advocacy to the next level: the public sphere.

Other resources include a slide show, which explains how our reliance on the car is adversely affecting the quality of life in our neighbourhoods, and The Car and the City, a book by Northwest Environment Watch founder Alan Thein Durning, which outlines 24 steps for safe streets and healthy communities.

Imagine the street in front of your home as a place your children can play without fear, a place where you and your neighbours gather to socialize. Imagine sitting in your front yard and not feeling assaulted by exhaust fumes or traffic noise. It is possible and the B.E.S.T. Advocacy Toolkit can help you build the kind of neighbourhood you want, instead of one that is dictated by traffic.

(photos: B.E.S.T.)