The Crusher       

Jamie Simpson
June 2000

40 tons and 3 giant wheels,
each wheel with its own electric motor
powered by 3 diesel generators
Sitting alone, idle in the middle of the clear cut,
a forgotten war machine after a battle.

The Crusher - brutally apt name
small trees, unsaleable trees, dead trees,
tops, branches, shrubs
it crushes whatever can't be sold for profit:
"Site Preparation" - flattening the logging leftovers
making way for softwood plantations.

The Crusher towers over me,
so big it is dismantled when transported
"Think this is impressive?" our Irving guide asks
"You oughta see our 80 ton crusher."

I survey a massive shattered dead tree, beside its splintered stump,
once a home and feeding site for birds and other animals
What kind of forestry is this?
"Come on," my professor calls,
"come get your picture taken with the Crusher."