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Tous les jeunes dans le vent le font!

Les groupes environnementaux des écoles deviennent de plus en plus populaires. L'Équipe verte de l'école secondaire Harbour View n'est pas différente.

Les auteures Nancy Butler et Emily Nearing expliquent que l'Équipe verte a sauvé des centaines d'arbres en recyclant le papier et en participant au concours " Sauvez un arbre " de la Commission de gestion des déchets solides de Fundy; l'équipe a aussi organisé un atelier sur le recyclage du papier d'emballage de Noël, a mis en place un dépôt de recyclage des téléphones cellulaires et des cartouches d'encre; finalement, l'équipe verte a créé une mascotte, le Capitaine Composte! Suite à toutes ces initiatives, les efforts de plusieurs élèves et de membres du personnel ont été reconnus et ils ont reçu des prix.

L'équipe verte tente maintenant d'obtenir des fonds pour acheter de la vaisselle pour la cafétéria afin qu'elle cesse d'utiliser du papier, du plastique, ou de la mousse de polystyrène. Tous les membres de l'Équipe verte donnent l'exemple qu'il peut être amusant de vivre d'une façon écologique!

All the Cool Kids
are Doing It!

Nancy Butler, Advisor
Emily Nearing, President
Harbour View High School Green Team
December 2007

nvironmental groups at schools are becoming more and more popular. The Harbour View High School Green team is no different. The two founders, Nancy Butler and Katie McDevitt, have been advisors to the Green Team for the past four years. The group began as a small gathering of a handful of students, but has since grown to be 25 members strong!

Throughout this time the team has done numerous activities all in the name of the environment. The school has saved hundreds of trees by recycling paper and participating in the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission's "Save a Tree Contest." This contest encourages schools to recycle their paper products in order to reduce the amount of paper that ends up in the landfill. For the last two years Harbour View has taken first place in the high school category. You would be hard pressed to find a balled up piece of paper in a trash can at Harbour View!

Recycling at Harbour View High School
(Photo: Nancy Butler)

The Green Team's main focus is waste reduction and they have organized numerous activities with this objective in mind. These activities include things like a recycled Christmas wrapping paper workshop, setting up a cell phone and ink cartridge recycling depot in the school, establishing a school wide composting program and creating a Green Team mascot - Captain Compost! The art department at Harbour View has even adopted a green theme by painting beautiful murals throughout the school.

Green Team mural.
(Photo: Nancy Butler)

Several students and staff from Harbour View High School have been recognized for their environmental efforts and have received awards. Mindy-Lynn Morris (student) and Alice Worden (teacher) both received awards from the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission last year recognizing their environmental efforts both in the community and school. Harbour View's famous custodian Art Kincade received the Mayor's Environment Award recognizing his environmental leadership at Harbour View High School, and the school's Green Team was a recent recipient of the Saint John Blooming Spirit Award for their environmental initiatives.

(Photo: Nancy Butler)

At the end of last year the Green Team participated in a sustainability challenge that was sponsored by Aliant and won first prize with their sustainability project. The project involved making a series of lesson plans and games for grade three students that taught them the basics of sustainability, composting, and recycling. The Green Team made up a series of laminated cards that had pictures of different items - food, paper, metals, etc. The grade three students were then asked to divide up the cards into the appropriate recycling categories. The categories replicated the categories that you would see when recycling at the blue bins. The students also viewed a short movie put together by the Green Team featuring our Green Team mascot, "Captain Compost" and his nemesis "Styro." The students had a great time playing games and having their picture taken with Captain Compost.

Captain Compost poses with a grade 3 student.
(Photo: Nancy Butler)

This year the Green Team has already had a "new to you clothing sale," participated in a recycling clothing fashion show as part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission, and completed a neighbourhood cleanup. In two hours, the students managed to collect 25 bags of garbage weighing in at approximately 475 lbs!

The Green Team's current focus is fundraising to purchase dishes for the cafeteria so they can stop using paper, plastic, and Styrofoam. All members of the green team are great models of how easy it is and how much fun it can be to live in a sustainable way!