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Résist'art -- 
Creative Resistance Contest

Down to Earth

Montcon, NB

April 2001


n the eve of the Summit of the Americas and in the midst of an international awakening toward today’s consumer tendencies, the Galerie Sans Nom and Down-to-Earth have joined hands in order to put together a provincial creative resistance contest called Résist’art.

(photo: Down to Earth)

It is almost impossible today, unless you live in a completely isolated part of the world, not to feel, in whatever form, the effects of today’s consumer trends. We thought it would be interesting to find out how NewBrunswickers feel about this situation, through the eyes, ears, souls, and minds of their province’s artists. And so, from April 10 to June 01, 2001, we call upon all artists living in New Brunswick to comment, through their works, on the assault to the senses brought upon by the gigantic commercial machines that engulf our lives on a daily basis. 

Sculptures, paintings, performances, drawings, videos and all other mediums will be accepted in order to put together a massive group exhibit in different parts of the Greater Moncton area, which would run from July 06, 2001 to August 18, 2001. Three grand prizes will be selected by a jury comprised of 5 professional artists. One part of the grand prize will be the reproduction of the winning piece on a roadside advertising billboard. Other prize details will be revealed in the next few weeks. The winners will be announced on the opening day of the exhibit, on July 06, 8 pm, at the Galerie Sans Nom.

Rules and Regulations for Résist’art
can be viewed by clicking here.

Down-to-Earth (Terre-à-Terre) an environmental organization, formerly called Écoversité. For the past year, we have been immersed in laying the groundwork for this expanded environmental organization, reflecting similar changes occurring in the world-wide environmental movement. Down-to-Earth concerns itself not only with protecting nature but also with challenging the dominant mentality which is responsible for environmental degradation. We are a group that works on specific environmental problems but also on questions of Ecology of the Spirit, some will say of the "mental environment". Such an approach is a reflection of the willingness of our members (or our network of supporters) to expand the scope of environmental concerns.

We are environmentalists, scientists, artists, marketing experts, graphic designers, musicians and people from all walks of life who recognize that we must confront the behaviors and mentalities which are making our natural environment, and citizens, unhealthy. Our goal is also to propose alternatives to our destructive lifestyle and to foster intelligent discussions on these subjects.

Contact Down to Earth:

c/o Médias Verts
057, PAL,CUM
Moncton, New Brunswick
E1A 3E9
Telephone: 506.854.3591