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Le groupe Ford Alward Naturalists' Association met l'accent sur
l'éducation continue

La Ford Alward Naturalists’ Association (FANA) existe depuis plus de
quinze ans. Axé à prime abord
sur l'observation des oiseaux, ce groupe s'intéresse à tous les aspects
de la nature, y compris les arbres, les fleurs sauvages, les champignons, les poissons, les mammifères et
les plantes.

L'objectif principal de FANA est l'éducation. Afin d'accomplir tout
cela, ce groupe organise des
sorties occasionnelles et des rencontres mensuelles. Jusqu'à présent,
les excursions mettent l'accent
sur des activités telles l'observation des oiseaux, les randonnées
pédestres, l'identification des plantes ou bien toutes ces dernières en
même temps.

On souhaite la bienvenue aux nouveaux membres, surtout aux jeunes.

Focusing on 
Lifelong Learning

Elizabeth McIntosh
April 2001


ormerly known as the Valley Naturalists, The Ford Alward Naturalists’ Association (FANA) has been in existence for more than fifteen years. FANA is a volunteer non-profit non-governmental organization with strong environmental leanings.

(photo: Bruce Wood)

The beautiful Becaguimac
(“River of Salmon”) Stream, in the
Harland region of Carleton County

We began primarily as a birding group and this continues to be one of our main focuses.
In addition, this group concerns itself with all aspects of nature, including trees, wild flowers, mushrooms, fish, mammals and plants. Presently, there are about 25 members in FANA, including families and individuals.

The Ford Alward Naturalists’ Association is located in Carleton County. This county is in the heart of a rich area of New Brunswick, with many old growth hardwood forests, which are home to many interesting species

FANA is affiliated (at both the provincial and federal levels) with longstanding groups, such as the New Brunswick Federation of Naturalists and the Canadian Nature Federation.

(photo: Carleton County Site)

Our primary goal is education as part of lifelong learning. We have monthly meetings from September to May. At these meetings, we report our various sightings, have presentations, followed by a Questions & Answers period and enjoy refreshments together. By coming together and doing this, we have learned about many subjects such as: sharks, birding in New Brunswick, the Shetland Islands, wetlands, rich hardwood forests, the Northwest Passage and Antarctica.

FANA has found that education is also accomplished by taking the occasional fieldtrip. On one such outing to Carleton and Victoria counties, we found many orchids, including Calypso, Lady’s slippers and Moccasins. Recent excursions have included: a hike to find mushrooms, whale watching off Grand Manan, and sailing up the Monquart searching for pileated woodpeckers. Most outings so far have focused on activities such as birding, hiking, plant identification or combinations thereof.

FANA is the type of group where one feels safe and always compelled to learn more and to enjoy our natural surroundings. New members are always welcome, especially the youth. Our elderly members love to share what they know. Cold winter evenings are made warmer by slide presentations about our summer outings; and the summer outings provide learning and experiences to share during the winter. 

(photo: Carleton County Site)

Anyone wanting to join can do so by calling our Treasurer, Cindy Derksen, at 506-375-4642 or by attending one of our monthly meetings. We meet at the Florenceville Village Hall, on the first Tuesday of every month, from September to May (usually). Meetings start at 7 PM. Memberships are $5 for individuals and $8 for families.  All are welcome.


Elizabeth McIntosh, President
Ford Alward Naturalist Association
560, Kenneth Road,
Glassville, NB
E7L 1V3
Tel & Fax: 1-506-246-5572