Taken from "Earthworthy, Communities Minding
Their Own Business"
by J.B. Bedell,
March 1997


oliticians, like magicians,
 utilize illusion;
hocus-pocus narrows focus,
  escalates confusion.
See them struggle as they juggle
  deficits horrendous,
while a range of global change
  threatens soon to end us.
Though dissension claims attention,
  let us not forget
the substantial non-financial
  aspects of our debt.
Overdrawn, our credit’s gone
  at the fishing banks.
Species waning, specie-gaining
  decimates their ranks.
Drivers dare preempt the air
  when they fill their tanks.
CFC unblocks UV
  --not received with thanks.

Far from curbing or disturbing
  forest devastation,
blind to need somehow to feed
  rising population
when our crops’ production drops
  as the climate alters,
and with dearth of oil on earth
  motive power falters,
They debate affairs of state
  as if nothing mattered
but degree of usury,
  or the dollar battered,
jurisdictions, ethnic frictions,
  parties shaped or shattered,
speeding faxes, shifting taxes,
  crumbs of welfare scattered.
It is not our common lot
  that they represent,
but a free economy
  following its bent,
mad for trade and undismayed
  at resources spent,
workers thwarted, lives distorted,
  murky firmament.

You and I need not comply
  with the grim demands
of a job that means to rob
  nature by our hands,
have us travel and unravel
  close domestic strands,
see, while serving such as Irving,
  thorns infest our lands.
Folks for ages drew no wages,
  having in their culture
work and fun for everyone,
  weaning to sepulture.
Basic needs were met with deeds
  worth respect and status.
In this light, reflection might
  de-sophisticate us.
Self-employed at work enjoyed
  as a true vocation,
using gumption in consumption,
  zeal in conservation,
neighbourhoods producing goods
  chiefly for the neighbours,
we’d embrace a living space
  greener for our labors.