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L’impact de la mondialisation

"Nous vivons à l'ère de la mondialisation." Cet article explique ce que cela veut dire et il se penche sur ce qu’est vraiment la mondialisation.

Il y a des expressions cajolantes comme "village planétaire" qui nous réchauffent le coeur en pensant que la mondialisation nous rapproche les uns des autres. Cependant, lorsque l’on pense à ce que la mondialisation représente en réalité, lorsque l’on regarde au-delà de sa surface fascinante, on y découvre le vrai sens du mot et les vrais promoteurs de ce phénomène. La mondialisation n’est rien de plus que le produit de la recherche du profit par les sociétés transnationales.

Cet article comprend également un diaporama interactif spécial qui donne plus d’information sur ce qu’est la mondialisation et comment elle affecte tout le monde.


The Global Impact
of Globalization

Emily McMillan,
Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University
August 2001


e live in an era of globalization."
How often have we heard this?
And how often have we really thought about what it means? Most people think they know what it is, but do they really?


The term ‘globalization’ has taken on a life of its own.  It has become a sort of mystical, romantic term. Globalization is seen as a beneficial thing, even a cosmopolitan thing, a ‘hip’ thing. It is seen as cutting edge to "go global". Many people feel that globalization is a great force bringing the world closer together. There are even new cuddly phrases like ‘global village’ which make us feel good about globalization bringing us all closer together. But when we think about what globalization really is - when we look beneath this surface glamour - we can see the true meaning of the word and the true proponents of this phenomenon.

Unfortunately, globalization is not brought about by elementary school children writing to internet pen-pals (as cozy as that sounds). The real agents of globalization are our friends the multinational corporations - the ‘super-companies’. Globalization is nothing more than the product of the multinational corporation’s search for profit. So, rather than being driven by positive things like a wish to bring the world closer together, globalization is driven by corporations seeking to maximize profits, and part of that search for profits involves the search for cheaper labor. Many companies move into less developed countries to take advantage of the lack of organization of labor there which allows these companies to pay below subsistence-level wages.


Globalization is nothing more than
the product of the multinational
corporation’s search for profit.


So, rather than making the world a more friendly place, globalization is leading to things such as "Export Processing Zones" - places where millions of people - mostly women - make products which are then shipped into the more developed countries and sold for a huge profit. These zones are integral to what globalization is and does. So, the next time someone talks about the global community, ask yourself if this is something we really want.

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