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New Brunswick
Young Naturalists' Club
The N.B. Federation of Naturalists

Education Materials / Programs Available:

Young Naturalists' Club Magazine
A bilingual magazine designed to educate youth about nature in the province of New Brunswick. The magazine contains fascinating articles about all sorts of nature topics as well as games and activities to help youth learn about the natural world. The magazine is aimed at children who are interested in learning about nature and is also designed to be a useful nature education resource for teachers and parents. Teachers are free to use and reproduce all content of the YNC magazine for use in the classroom.
The Action Awards program helps to build leadership skills in youth by rewarding their environmental initiatives. The activities described in the action awards guide could also be useful to teachers and nature educators and many can be adapted to classroom activities.
Action Awards Activity Guide -
The activity guide provides detailed instructions for various 'actions' children can take in order to complete their Bronze level Action Award (and later, Silver and Gold levels). These activities fall into four categories:
1. Nature Detective: Study, experiment or research the natural world and report on it.
2. Environmental Action: Protect, conserve and preserve, or restore a part of the natural environment around you.
3. Leading Others: Sharing nature and environmental actions with your friends, family, school or community at large by giving a presentation, making a poster or starting your own local chapter of YNC.
4. Community Participation: Take part in a nature related field trip, program or community event.

Action Awards activity guides will be provided upon request.

Action Awards Adult Assistant Guide - 
This guide gives more detailed instructions and advice to the adults who will assist youth with the activities described in the Action Awards Activity Guide.

How to order:

Individual or family memberships are $15 per year. 
You will get one subscription to our magazine and a membership pack for each young naturalist.

Classroom or library memberships are $15 per year and you will receive two copies of each issue of our quarterly magazine.

Membership forms can be downloaded from our website


Maria Papoulias
NB Young Naturalists' Club Coordinator
c/o NB Federation of Naturalists
24 Prospect St. Suite 110
Fredericton, NB, E3B 2T9
Phone: (506)459-4209