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Falls Brook Centre's
Big Blue Climate Change Bus

The Climate Change Bus rolls again -
Bring it to your school or community this Summer!

FBC launched the Climate Change Bus in 2003.  Since then the BIG BLUE Climate Change and Education Team have traveled to schools and conferences from Moncton to Tobique First Nation.

The bus is an exciting interactive museum on wheels. Interactive, hands-on displays in the bus demonstrate how energy efficiency and renewable energy can mitigate climate change and become an important part of North America’s sustainable energy future.

Visitors will experiment with different types of energy efficient light bulbs and showerheads and learn about innovative methods of energy conservation. Fuelled with bio-diesel and complete with 700 Watts of combined wind and photovoltaic power,  the Climate Change Bus is an exciting showcase of renewable energy solutions.

The Climate Change Bus will be traveling to communities throughout Atlantic Canada stopping at schools, colleges, universities, town fairs, trade shows, community events, and just about everywhere where people are gathering. 

Interested in having "Big Blue" Climate Change Bus come to your school group, organization, or event? 

  • We can come to your community anywhere in New Brunswick
  • We charge $250/day to be an attraction for your event and $250/day for travel
  • Need to be billeted and fed
  • We provide two people to share games, stories, quizzes and a tour of the Climate Change Bus “Big Blue”
  • Activities inside the bus are powered by a solar panel array and a small windmill on the roof
  • Renewable energy gizmos sold on board

Contact us and Big Blue will come to you.

Anne Thomson
Education Coordinator
Falls Brook Centre
125 South Knowlesville Road
Knowlesville, NB, E7L 1B1
Tel: (506) 375-4310
Fax: (506) 375-4221