Achats et ventes de notre mère Terre par les Acheteurs de lune

Nos gens appelaient les Européens des Acheteurs de lunes. Ce nom leur avait été donné parce qu'ils pensaient pouvoir effectivement acheter et vendre des parcelles de notre Sainte mère la Terre.

Aujourd'hui, le sentier qu'ils poursuivent vers l'auto-destruction et qui se manifeste dans leur société par le désordre, ne peut que continuer à se détériorer.








The Purchase and Sale of Mother Earth by the Moonbuyers

Dan Ennis
Tobique First Nation
July 2003

Moonbuyers was the name that our people gave to the Europeans. This name was given because of the European belief that one could actually purchase or sell parcels of our Sacred Earth Mother (land).  This was our people's way of gently telling the transplanted Europeans that our teachings and beliefs do not allow for the selling of the Great Earth Mother. It would be like someone selling or buying the moon.

Mother Earth painting
(Painting by Boo Ehrsam)

Our belief was that one does not sell the land upon which the people walk, for it is too sacred. Today this difference in beliefs regarding land and the human treatment of the land remains a key stumbling block to our two peoples being able to understand and relate to one another as equals.

Regrettably, it was our people who began to slowly relent and give in to the forced ways of our oppressors. Thus began our long and torturous spiral journey downward to where we find ourselves today - subjugated, oppressed, regulated, incarcerated and with very few of our people still following and living the Traditional Teachings of the Ancestors.  It should be a simple matter for our people to return to our Traditional Teachings and to begin once again to honor, nurture, respect and protect the Great Mother and to once again fulfill our responsibilities as the caretakers of the Great Mother. Our return to the Traditional Teachings of the Ancestors is our healing path - the healing path of our families, clans, relationships and our people. Certainly there is nothing that our oppressors can offer to us for our survival. It is, after all, their "moonbuying" madness that has created the problem that our people find ourselves in today.

As for the "moonbuyers", their culture will only continue to spiral out of control, downward until they stop harming, destroying, disrespecting and killing the Great Mother. Their continued path toward self-destruction, which manifests itself within their society with all of the disorder, will only continue to get worse. It cannot help but do so because of their misguided belief that humans can and should sell and buy parcels of the Great Mother.

Bear in mind that the beliefs and values of our people have guided our people for thousands of generations and have helped to preserve, nurture and protect the Great Mother for thousands of generations. These beliefs are as valid and legitimate as that of any other peoples. It was these beliefs and values that produced, maintained and guaranteed the paradise that was our homeland. Look what happened to our homeland under a different belief system.