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"Taking Charge"
Soil Conservation Council of Canada
starts new program on climate change

Jean-Louis Daigle
Director, Eastern Canada Soil and 
Water Conservation Centre 
April 2000 


he Soil Conservation Council of Canada has started a new program called "Taking Charge" which will focus on developing a clear awareness amongst farmers in Canada of climate change issues and their impacts in agriculture.

The goal of this project is to create provincial leadership teams that will help to enhance the awareness, knowledge and commitment among Canadian agricultural producers for the need to identify and develop best management practices on their farms. The implementation of best management practices on farms would assist in reducing green house gas emissions from agriculture. Producers team of soil conservation people has been identified by the Soil Conservation Council of Canada in each province. A representative from the Eastern Canada Soil and Water Conservation Centre and five producers-leaders from the New Brunswick Soil and Crop Improvement Association attended two information sessions, "Contact 99" and "Update 2000". They learned about Canada's commitments under the Kyoto Accord, the deliberations of the National Climate Change Secretariat's Climate Change Tables and the consequent challenges faced by agricultural. During the next two years, these provincial team leaders are expected to instigate informal discussions and outreach activities through their provincial soil conservation and farm organizations.

(photo: Soil and Water Conservation Centre)

The "Taking Charge" project is a grassroots farmer-to-farmer type of communication that will ensure the wide distribution of information on climate change issues within the agricultural community. It will also facilitate feedback from the agricultural community to the Soil Conservation Council of Canada and to the Government of Canada climate change issues.

For further information:

Jean-Louis Daigle, Director
or Gordon Fairchild, Soil Specialist
Eastern Canada Soil and Water
Conservation Centre

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