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airicn.gif (1769 bytes)Page des changements climatiques par Environnement  Canada

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)Ressources naturelles Canada

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)Office de l'efficancite energetique

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)Direction donnees sur la pollution par Environnement Canada

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)Environment Canada's Global Climate Change Site

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)Natural Resources Canada

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)Office of Energy Efficency

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)Environment Canada's Pollution Data Branch

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)The World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)Ozone Action

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)United Nation's Framework Convention on Climate Change

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)Atlantic Canada Climate Information Exchange

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)Greenpeace's International Campaign to Save the Climate

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)The Sierra Club's Global Warming Page

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)Brittish Meterological Department

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)Friends Of The Earth

airicn.gif (1769 bytes)Bucknell University's Climate Change Links Page