Some say that all environmentally harmful decisions and behavior can be traced to a lack of environmental values in a decision maker. 
Is this true? Explain

On dit que toutes les décisions et les comportements nuisibles à l'environnement peuvent être attribués à l'absence de valeurs environ- ne mentales chez les décideurs. Est-ce vrai?



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Air Pollutant Removal by
House Plants

Global Campaign
to Reduce the Use
of Toxic Chemicals

Chemicals at Home ~ Produits chimiques à la maison



(photo: Glade.com)

Good Clean Parenting
Patty Donovan
"Advertisers play on our sympathies, our longing, our low self-esteem and our desire to belong, to be like everyone else, to look like a good parent, and to rid the world of that dreaded bacteria whose name we can not pronounce."
Nature at its
'organik' best!

Marc Landry
"The problem lies with the use
of synthetic products..."

(photo: M.Landry)

(photo: M.Landry )

Harmonie organique
avec la nature!

Marc Landry
"Les mécanismes qui contrôlent l'activité dans le sol sont aussi complexes que ceux qui
contrôlent notre corps."

The Power of
"Poisoned Poles"

B.C. Bradley
"Count how many of these "poison poles" have moved
into your backyard and/or neighborhood."

(photo: Janet Wood)

(photo: CAP)

Ce que vous devriez
savoir sur les pesticides
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Coalition pour les (for) alternatives aux (to) pesticides
Qu'est-ce q'un pesticide?
Un bref historique... et plus.
Contenu en format pdf.

What can be done,
what has been done,
what must be done...

Beth McLaughlin
"People from around the world must acknowledge that we must live within our means and within the means of our environment..."

Sustainable Community
(photo: US EPA)

Launched Earth Day 2002!
Insights ~ Rencontres
Lancé dès la Journée de la Terre 2002!