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Peinture minérale au silicate - La seule véritable " peinture respirable " sur le marché 

Eco-House Inc de Fredericton au Nouveau-Brunswick a développé et commence à commercialiser un nouveau type de peinture murale, unique en Amérique du nord.

Les peintures à dispersion de silicates sont faites à 97 % d'ingrédients minéraux dissous dans l'eau. Cette peinture ne contient pas de solvants et utilise seulement des couleurs de terre et de minéraux hautement solides à la lumière et sans pigments toxiques de métaux lourds.

Silicate Mineral Paint -
the only truly "Breathable
Paint" on the Market

Henry J. Reinartz
Eco-House Inc.
July 2004

Eco-House Inc of Fredericton, New Brunswick has developed and is now beginning to market a new type of wall paint, which is unique in North America. Silicate Dispersion Paint is made of 97% mineral ingredients dissolved in water. It is solvent-free and uses only highly lightfast earthen and mineral colours without toxic heavy metal pigments.

Even the paint binder is a liquid mineral (potassium silicate a.k.a. water-glass) which bonds by penetration into the coated surface and petrifies by reacting with lime contained in the surface or in the paint itself, as soon as the water is evaporated. Those mineral ingredients give the paint the same properties as natural stone, especially hardness and breathability.

The single most important property is silicate paint's breathablility or, in technical terms, water vapour permeance of 77 US perms which is about equal to house-wraps like Tyvek® and over 100 times as permeable as a 2-coat latex paint. This means that Silicate Dispersion Paintis great for uses such as finishing of mineral-surfaces such as interior and exterior concrete, masonry, stucco and drywall, especially on walls where the breathability of the whole wall system could be ruined by an impermeable paint, such as in strawbale and adobe housing construction.

In most applications, wall paint fails eventually by blistering and peeling of the paint, which is caused by moisture vapours trapped between the surface and an impermeable paint film. The different nature of Silicate Dispersion Paint allows moisture vapours to pass through freely, while keeping liquid moisture out. This doubles or even triples the service life of silicate paint compared to a latex or an oil-based paint. If applied to a lime-containing surface such as concrete or stucco, the service life can reach 20 and more years, if applied properly.

Other positive side effects of the high mineral content in Silicate Dispersion Paints are its antifungal properties without fungicides, its non-combustibility in case of a house fire and its environmental compatibility. For instance, paint left over simply turns into natural stone, when left open to dry out. All paint ingredients occur naturally in abundance. The main ingredients are quartz sand, potash, limestone, dolomite, soap stone, china clay and water.

Silicate Paints imported from Europe have been used on the exterior of buildings such as the White House and the Empire State Building in New York. While those paints were not really affordable to the average person's wallet, Eco-House Inc, a manufacturer of various low-toxicity and non-toxic fine art materials and finishing products, is targeting the mainstream market of high-end wall paints in Canada and the USA.

Since most ingredients are sourced in Canada and the USA, the cost of Eco-House Silicate Dispersion Paint is in the acceptable range considering all its technical advantages.

For more information contact Eco-House Inc. @ 1-877-ECO-HOUS (toll-free) or go to their website