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Rivière Courante

Dans cet article, Guy Landry, le président de Glazier Foundation, nous raconte son appréciation de la célébration pour le Jour de la Terre. 

Il décrit des projets excitants concernant des rivières au Nouveau-
Brunswick comme "Eco-Challenge,
la conquête du Madaweskak" et "La Grande Descente 2000, la République en canoe" qui conscientisent à garder nos rivières propres et qui permettent d’apprécier le plaisir de canoter dans un cours d’eau non-pollué.

Guy écrit aussi
que beaucoup de travail sera nécessaire pour conscientiser le public sur la condition de nos rivières.



Guy Landry


River Running

by Guy P. Landry
Vice President Glazier Foundation
June 26, 2000


reetings from Glazier Lake, located at the most northwestern part of New Brunswick. To introduce myself, my name is Guy P. Landry, Vice President of the Glazier Foundation, and I crossed eighteen rivers to get from the St.-Francis to the Petitcodiac River to be with some of the greatest people you would ever want to meet. 

(photo: DOE)

I am talking about people who don't just talk about the problems with the rivers, but work to find solutions and may I say it was a privilege to celebrate Earth Day with them all.

Of late, I have been involved in multiple other projects involving the rivers of this province. Recently, for example, I was part of a group who organized "La Grande Descente 2000, la Répuplique en canoe," which you may have heard about.

Almost one hundred people participated in the three day canoe trip which was a "historical journey through time". Canoes ran throughout the Madawaska region, winding their way along the upper reaches of the Saint John River with stops from Glazier Lake down to the village of St-Hilaire. I can tell you that by the looks of things, the event was a qreat success. We will hopefully be repeating it again in the years to come, with the goal of bringing more exposure to the need to keep our rivers clean and an appreciation for the simple pleasure of paddling down a waterway free of pollution. Much more work is needed to bring that about.

In this same vein, I'm continuing with the help of many friends to put together the: "Eco-challenge, la conquête du Madaweskak." which is a competition entailing biking and hiking, to end up canoeing down Glazier Lake, the St.-Francis and the St.-John rivers all the way to Edmundston. 

The "Eco-challenge" will take place the first weekend of July 2000, and if you are interested in joining the Eco-Challenge, there are still four spots left for teams of four athletes each.

A lot of work is needed to increase public awareness on the conditions of our rivers, and thanks to the beautiful people I saw and met at the New Brunswick Environmental Network’s Earth Day event in Moncton, I received all of the energy needed to keep up with the "good fight", as I like to call it. Thanks for your positive energy and keep the faith.

Quelques courageux participants 
de la Grande Descente 2000 !

(photo: site)

For information on the "Eco-challenge, la conquête du Madaweskak" or "La Grande Descente, la Répuplique en canoe", you can get in touch with me at 506 992-5231