Ce que l'on peut faire  à propos des aliments transgéniques

Si vous êtes préoccupé(e) par la question des aliments issus du génie génétique, vous pouvez envoyer des messages aux chaînes et aux magasins d'alimentations, et envoyer des messages aux individus suivants exigeant un étiquetage obligatoire de tous les aliments transgéniques.


Écrivez, télécopiez ou envoyez un courriel à ...

Write, fax or
e-mail to:

Honourable Allan Rock, PC, MP
Minister of Health
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6
E-Mail: rock@parl.gc.ca

Honourable Lyle Vanclief, PC, MP
Minister of  Agriculture and Agri-food
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6
Fax (613)759-1081
E-Mail: vanclief@em.agr.ca

Judy Wasylycia-Leis, MP
Federal NDP Health Critic.  House of Commons  Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
Fax: (613)996-9713
E-Mail: wasylj@parl.gc.ca

Dick Proctor, MP
Federal NDP Agriculture Critic
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6
Fax: (613)992-0131

Gerry Reasbeck
Head of Canadian Codex Delegation
Fax: (613)228-6611
E-Mail: greasbeck

with copies to: codex_canada

and to: pmayers@


Your Own MP
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6
to find out your MP's name or go
to website www.net-efx.com/

to fax them directly

Canadians can also send an email to the
Canola Council of Canada expressing that they do not want to buy genetically engineered canola.

These can be sent to: Dale Adolphe, President, Canola Council of
Canada, at

with a copy to



Addresses of individuals:
Received from: Richard Wolfson rwolfson

Address of Stores:
Compiled by Vere Scott of Biotech Working Group. May 27, 1999

What We Can Do
about Genetically Engineered Foods

May / mai 1999


i.gif (173 bytes)f you are concerned about genetically engineered foods, you can send messages to these grocery retailers, food outlets, and individuals demanding mandatory labelling of all
genetically engineered foods. Write, fax or e-mail to:

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(photo: submited by
Brad Duplisea)

Ms Neva Pandos,
Customer Service
Loblaws National Office
6220A Yonge St.,
North York, ON    M4T 2S5
Fax: 416-218-7861
Email:  npandos@ngco.com 
(a number of people have sent email to this company, but they have not indicated openness to label, etc.)


IGA: Tim Carter
Vice-President of Public Affairs
Oshawa Group Limited (IGA),
302 The East Mall,
Etobocoke, ON     M9B 6B8
Tel. 416-236-1971,
Fax 416-236-2071
(They do not have email, but have  expressed receptivity to the  few letters they have received. It would be good to send  more letters)


Dominion, A&P and Food Basics:
Ronald Boudreau, Executive V.P.
Supermarket Operations
A&P and Dominion
P.O. Box 68,  Station A,   Toronto, Ontario   M5W 1A6
Tel: 416-239-7171
Fax: 416-234-6581
(A&P, Dominion)


Knob Hill Farms (Southern Ontario):
Larry Cervini, Head Grocery Buyer or Bill Giamos,  V.P. of Store Operation
Knob Hill Farms
1900 Eglinton, Avenue East Scarborough,  Ontario M1L 2L9
Fax: 416-751-2423


Dave Pearson, District Manager
Canada Safeway, Box 430 Stn. L, Edmonton, AB   T5M 3Y1


Horne & Pitfield Foods:
Anne Bird, Corporate Director
Horne & Pitfield Foods
17220 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, AB   T5S 1K6


Thrifty Foods on
Vancouver Island:
Mr. Alex Campbell, President
Thrifty Foods.
6649 Butler Cres., Saanichton, B.C.     V8M 1Z7
Tel: (250) 544 1122
Fax: (250) 544 1102


LOEB:  Mr. Jim Robertson,
Senior V.P. of  Operations LOEB
1430 Blair Place
P.O. Box 8387
Ottawa, ON      K1G 3K8
Fax: 613-747-6989


COSTCO:  Ms. Deb Quinlan,
Customer service, 2525 State St.
Columbus, Indiana USA 47201


P.O. Box 1659, 100 Second St. W.
Cornwall, ON K6H 5V6
Fax: 613-938-6649
email: fbmail@farmboy.on.ca 


Director of  Customer Relations
or Mr. Ray Daoust,
Director of Retail Operations
Westfair Foods.  3225 12 st. NE, Calgary AB   T2E 7S9
Phone:  403-291-7700
Fax: 403-297-7899


email: general@owfg.com 
http://www.sof.com/believeit/index2.html   or  http://www.sof.com/believeit/site/environment.html

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(photo: Consumers Association of Canada)