Rape of the earth

Patty Donovan
February 2006

he has lovingly yielded up her gifts
the juice runs down our chins
she is open and full of adoration
we greet her with a self-fulfilling grin
she quietly suffers under the strain
we stand by and allow her to be raped again
we poison her spray her with all kinds
we clear-cut her leaving nothing behind
we pollute her they tell us that she is fine
we stripped-mined her ripping out her insides
yet year after year she lovingly allows us to reap and sow
things that we unnaturally want to grow
with a look she promises us untold beauty
we pave her manipulate her for personal gain
she quietly suffers under the strain
we watch as she is raped again
Mother of us all place of our birth
how can we stand aside and watch the rape of our earth

(photo: Greenpeace)