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Real or Fake?
Vrai ou Faux?

Which do you think
is an more environmentally-
friendly choice...

A real, fresh cut Christmas tree or a store-bought artificial Christmas tree?
Explain your reasons...


Selon vous, lequel des deux est le choix le plus écologiquement sain...

Un vrai arbre de Noël, frais coupé, ou bien un arbre artificiel, acheté au magasin? Expliquez vos raisons... 

Let us know your feelings...
On aimerait bien savoir ce que tu en penses...

White, GA
December 4, 2008
I always bought a real tree until this year - last year we had to water our tree daily even though we had a severe drought, so this year we decided to but an artificial tree. We felt we were helping the economy by investing a long-term product during a possible recession, plus we learned that Christmas trees are sprayed with pesticides and such for longer life. We were not hot on bringing a giant pesticide into our house with a new baby. We bought a frosted tree at and it is assembled and breathtaking. I thought I'd be sad with an artificial tree, but it is so much prettier, and such a relief to light our fire and not worry about setting the tree on fire, or drying it out too quickly. Last year I would have voted for real, this year I swear by artificial!
Vancouver, BC
December 3, 2008
Please read:  Real is definitely the way to go!
December 1, 2008
An artificial Christmas tree may seem like an eco-friendly choice since it can be reused and it is not directly killing a plant that is a great environmental asset. However these minimal benefits are severely negated by the environmental cost of the production of fake trees. Celebrating your holiday with a live or cut tree is by far the green way to go. Here's why.

Artificial Trees Are: 
- Made of PCV, a harmful plastic, which in its production and lifetime impacts the planet in multiple harmful ways. 
- Are mostly produced outside the U.S. which consumes resources in regard to shipping to their destination countries. 
- Not recyclable and are not biodegradable. 
- Not able to provide the relaxing aroma of a real pine tree. 
- Toxic if and when they are burned

Your Real Live or Cut Christmas Tree:
- Is grown on a tree farm that is continually replenished with two or three seedlings for every one tree that is harvested for the holiday. 
- Is not shipped extreme distances, reducing the eco-cost of transportation. 
- Is prior to harvest, a young fast growing tree that is a carbon sink; harnessing greenhouse gases while producing oxygen at the same time. 
- Comes from a tree farm that helps to prevent soil erosion and harmful runoff. 
- Prior to harvest creates a habitat for wildlife and is an integral part of an ecosystem. 
- Can be recycled and/or repurposed. 
- When composted, adds nutrients to the soil.

Consider A Live Tree

A live Christmas tree, one that comes in a pot or covered root ball, is a great way to memorialize every Christmas. A tree that is still living, encased in a pot or a root ball enclosed in a sack, can be replanted after the holiday in many regions. This can add beauty to your home and an obvious advantage to the planet, i.e., providing wildlife habitat, lighting your carbon footprint, securing soil, etc.

While having a live tree is a wonderful idea, they do require specific care that is not necessary for a cut tree. Make sure that you understand what is involved in this care before investing in the more expensive living tree. Ask the experts at your local nursery or read about potted tree care here.

Hamilton, ON
November 18, 2008
real Christmas trees are better because they are more environmentally friendly. How the Christmas trees are grown on a tree farm and when you cut them down it doesn't hurt the planet because the tree just regrows and the tree that you did cut down gets composted. plus we have been using real Christmas trees for decades it started in the 1700. Think how many plastic Christmas trees are mad a year sure you save money but think of all of that pollution that is going into our air. horrible!
November 17, 2008
I live with my aunt, in a home where we have always had pets. She is allergic to real trees, and the animals can eat the pine needles in the water at the bottom of a real tree and choke or get sick, also the cats climb it and knock it over, which could start fires (from the lights), break ornaments they could get cut on, etc. We have had artificial trees for years now and they last a LONG time. The problem is, I am now becoming concerned about the health hazards of the gasses that may be emitted from a fake tree made most likely from petroleum products and who knows what else.

It would be great if somebody would come out with environmentally-friendly and health friendly faux Christmas trees of some sort.....and at a price that the average consumer could afford! (As unfortunately, here in the States, being "green" and being healthy, costs a lot of money! =/ )

P.S. I also find that not all real trees "smell great'. Some of them have a scent that, to me anyway, is reminiscent of urine. Not a pleasant smell to have in one's home.

September 25, 2008
FAKE TREES!!! They last longer, they are flame-retardant, they come pre-lit, they are much less of a hassle!  Real trees may be better for the environment, but fake trees are so much easier and fun. 
Columbus, Ohio
August 20, 2008
Growing up in a house full of people with allergies, we never had a real Christmas tree. We had the same artificial Christmas tree for about 16 years. My husband wants a real tree, but we have an artificial tree. We store it in a big rubbermade 50 gallon container. It's great! It keeps it dust free, and very clean. I don't know what you guys are talking about with artificial trees smelling bad. Ours never did....maybe you have other issues???
Victoria, BC
May 16, 2008
Personally for me artificial Christmas trees are the way to go.  No mess and no worries about getting it year after year.  A nice site i did find that does ship to Canada is  My cousin told me about it last year and said they are reliable and fast.
April 29, 2008
Artificial trees are much easier; you don't have to spend money every year, just get one that looks like the real one like and use the same every Christmas.
February 19, 2008
It won't be environmentally dangerous if people can learn to use the fake tree and Christmas wreaths over and over for many years.
December 26, 2007
I am wondering if there are artificial pre lit LED Christmas trees that could save a lot of electricity.
December 16, 2007
Real Christmas trees are better the environment. and, for people who are scared about the lights setting the tree on fie there are ways of getting around that now. 1 You can buy led lights for about $3 more, and they don't heat up at all.
December 6, 2007
fake Christmas trees are environmentally friendly
November 29, 2007
Buy a used artificial tree at a yard sale!! I think that is the best option.
Erik Fitzgerald
November 28, 2007
I'm doing a paper for my 7th grade class on why real Christmas trees are better than fake ones and gathering up facts has been tough, but all the ones I do have there's no question about it - get a real tree!!!!
Larry Schram
San Diego, CA
November 18, 2007
Thanks to all for your thoughtful insights. I am going to seek a living pine tree in a pot, that I can nurture for years to come. What a perfect opportunity to teach my kids about the sustainability of the earth, among other lessons.
Tess Kormet
New York
October 20, 2007
If we used more artificial trees and more often - they look very real these days - we would be saving the farmland of tree growers to grow something more important like food! Maybe some corn for ethanol gas so we don't rely on the oil rich countries? A real tree takes years to grow, and needs fertilizers which are harmful to the environment.
October 9, 2007
Ok, so my mom always wants a fake tree I always want a real tree and my dad couldn't care less. On one hand real trees are work, you have to choose just the right one you pay more $$$ and they get needles all over. But on the other hand fake trees are really bad for the environment, they don't smell good at all, they don't have the same classic charm that the real ones do, they often come pre-decorated---what on earth??? PRE-DECORATED???????? What is the fun in that! Plus, they often look very fake and they DO NOT supply you with fresh clean air all winter like the real ones do! Real ones are the best!
FACE IT, there are more pro's than con's for the real trees!

Ottawa, ON
September 21, 207
My friend Mitch from just bought a plastic tree. I wasn't too happy as it pollutes the environment with plastics that won't break down in our lifetimes.  Real trees are more environmentally safe and provide jobs and support local communities closer to us geographically.  I for one would like to do what I can to leave this earth a better place to live for our children. Mitch... will you reconsider!
March 3, 2007
Geesh stop being so symbolistic and make a tree out of paper mache or plaster or how about a fern you may have in your house. pssst there weren't any conifers in the desert where that carpenter lived a few thousand years x-mas tree = juniper bush
Lindas Poochie
Duluth, MN
December 13, 2006
It is hard to store a full size fake tree, however you will save time and money in the end. Fresh is great, the smell is worth it but the needles and disposal can be a real hassle!
Natasha Baxter
Toronto, ON
December 11, 2006
Why is this even a question??? The answer is obivious. If you care about the environment you should be have a real tree. Once you are done with your real tree it decomposes and does good, not harm to the environment, ie it is usually used as wood chips to help other plants grow. And even if it ends up in a landfill it will decompose. What happens when you are done with you fake tree???? It goes to the landfill. It actually gives off harmful gases as it sits there for years and years. If you are supporting the use of an artificial tree you obiviously haven't thought things through. And to Ms Vega, who calls the tree farmers regarding the slaying of innocent trees - please think before you speak. Farmers should be supported for their hard work and good they bring to our environment.
Ottawa, ON
December 10, 2006
Artificial trees are great because you can save are enviorment!
Peso Liviano
Toronto, ON
December 10, 2006
The most environmental choice is a real, organically grown tree. Facts about Artificial Trees: The majority of artificial Christmas trees are produced abroad. . Factories in China, Taiwan, and South Korea, where artificial Christmas trees are commonly produced, have less stringent environmental regulations, poorer working conditions, and lower wages. . Buying products manufactured outside of Canada does not support our economy. . Most manufactured trees will travel tens of thousands of kilometers before reaching Canadian consumers. Potential environmental impacts resulting from artificial Christmas tree production include habitat degradation and air pollution. . Fossil fuels are consumed in the production of artificial trees: . Oil is the main ingredient in plastic Christmas trees. . Energy from fossil fuel is required for manufacturing. . Fuel is required to transport trees thousands of kilometers to Canadian markets. . Fossil fuel extraction can disrupt the local environment. . Burning fossil fuel causes air pollution, smog, and acid rain. . Fossil fuels are a non-renewable resource. Facts about real trees: The majority of real Christmas trees are farmed between 7 - 10 years and require maintenance over much of that period. . The majority of Christmas trees produced in Canada are grown from seeds in seed and transplant beds for up to five years before being moved into farms (i.e., plantations). . In some areas Christmas trees are naturally regenerated (e.g., almost entirely in NS, the majority in NB, and some in QC). . Farmers often use fertilizers to speed growth and achieve a rich green While a portion of the nutrients are taken up by the trees and into the soil, some can be washed via overland flow into watercourses potentially leading to nutrient loading. . Chemical herbicides are more commonly used in naturally regenerated stands to keep shrubs down around trees to allow farmers easy access to trees for maintenance.vii In plantations, where trees tend to grow in rows, shrub are more commonly controlled by mowing, though some herbicides may be used to prepare the site for planting. . Many farmers practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM), reducing the reliance on chemical pesticides. Insecticides are, however, sometimes used by Christmas tree farmers to combat pests that cause cosmetic damage to trees. . Improper use of pesticides can have potential health risks and implications for water quality, aquatic fauna, and wildlife. . Christmas trees are grown locally, benefiting the local economy/community. . Five to six million Christmas trees are grown each year in Canada.xiv . In 2001, there were about 2500 Christmas tree growers in NS. The industry provided 400 fulltime jobs and 2000 seasonal jobs and was worth $30 million. . Both certified and non-certified organic Christmas tree farms exist. Real Christmas trees can provide environmental benefits. . Almost all trees harvested in Canada are grown on farms . Due to their hardiness, Christmas trees are often planted where few other plants grow. (e.g., barren slopes or under power lines). Consequently, thousands of acres of otherwise unfarmed land is being farmed. . Trees provide habitat for wildlife.xviii The trees are selectively harvested (i.e., only a portion of a stand is cut each year) ensuring an annual harvest and the preservation of habitat. . Tree roots stabilize soil, protecting water sources from sedimentation. . Trees reduce flooding by maintaining soil permeability. . Every acre (~ 0.4 ha) of Christmas tree grown provides daily oxygen for 18 people. . Trees sequester carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the air. . Trees filter the air removing up to 13,000 kg of airborne pollutants per acre per year.
Victoria, BC
December 7, 2006
We use the same tree every year and it is real. It is bushy and perfect. In the summer it's on the deck in a pretty pot (prevents it from getting to big, it will only grow to the enviroment you give it) and in the fall I bring it in to the front entrance in the house, Christmas it goes in the living room to be decorated then in the new year back to the front entrance and in the spring back out on the deck (you have to climatize it and it collects less bugs in the winter if you bring it inside). We have had the same tree for 7 years.
Christopher John Steele
Moncton, NB
December 6, 2006
Don't get me wrong...There is nothinhg like the sight and smell of a beautifuly decorated "Live" Christmas Tree. But... A. They are a fire hazzard if not properly cared for. B. Trees clean our air and god knows Canada needs more clean air. C. Most People Chuck the Tree Out The next day (Ie Dec 26) and forget about it till spring. In Conclusion We as a civilized nation should be looking for alternatives to the "Live" Chrismas Tree.
Caroline Vega
Arizona, USA
December 3, 2006
How about No Tree at all. I am going treeless this year because I want to explore my options in celebrating Christmas beyond a tree with presents. My friends laugh when I call the Christmas tree farms slaying fields for innocent trees and I let them laugh but I do feel called to protect the trees. Not a grinch, just someone who is looking beyond the traditional boundries in our society. Hard for some to understand, I know.
John Owens
Moncton NB
December 1, 2006
The best way to go, is a real tree that can be replanted. Any other scenerio, the artificial tree is better enviromentally. My parents had the same artificial tree for a little over 15 years. That's 15 trees that could be purifying the air. The amount of time that is needed to get a mature tree only to cut it down seems wasteful. One would argue that there are tree farms especially for that and they keep planting more trees when they cut one down, but a seedling does little for the environment compared to a mature tree. And growing one species over and over on the same plot of land is bad for the soil. That's why farmers rotate crops. Nowadays many artificial trees are being made with recycled materials wich also make it better. Imagine if everyone in the world cut down a tree for just one day. How can that be seen in any way good for the environment. So I stand behind artificial all the way except if it is a real tree that can be replanted.
Far Far Away
November 30, 2006
yo ppl IDK if ppl should use fake trees.... they are both good.....
Mallory Chan 
New Jersey Hazlet
November 30, 2006
i think everyone should use fake christas trees because they cost less than the real ones. Anyway if you have a fake tree you dont have to trim it so it can be perfect. And if you have a fake christmas tree you can us it every year.
November 28, 2006
i think that fake trees are better because real trees get on fire more easier than fake trees.
October 20, 2006
I'm an Aussie. Fake Christmas trees are a national icon in my country!! Every December we bring them out of storage (usually packed in the original box that the tree was purchased in !!). Then every new year, the trees go back in the box and into storage again. The Aussies lucky enough to purchase a real Christmas tree don't have much luck, though. The needles all fall off within about 2 days. Don't forget . . . it's the middle of summer down here during December!! 
Columbus, Ohio
October 8, 2006
"Living" Real Trees! Reuse every Year! Many Tree Farms Sell dug trees. If you like the outdoor experience of hunting one down and chopping it, why not opt for planting it near a window or patio and making an outdoor event of decorating it outdoors each year. If ground is too frozen this year, Keep your "live tree" watered through the season in a pot and transplant later. 
New York State
September 26, 2006
I support real trees because after i did reserch i found real trees are actually more economically friendly beacuse they decompose and give back to the enviornment. Plus I feel they are more attractive.
June 15, 2006
Real Christmas trees save are environmentally friendly and are the best option. Read more here
May 6, 2006
Fake trees are the best because they save the environment and you can reuse it every year!
April 12, 2005
I think that artificial trees are the bomb i mean they're more economical they serve as a
safety precaution from fire and you don't see artificial trees with insects in them.

Eloise Andrews 
Hawaii, USA 
December,15 2004
I think that real trees are great because they are renewable are fake trees aren't, but
artificial trees are good because they don't shed pine needles everywhere and the last longer and you don't need to water them. I was doing a report on the environment about real and fake trees. Your site really helped.

December 07, 2004
I believe real and artificial trees both have advantages and disadvantages. I think the best compromise is to get a live tree and then plant it after the holiday. This solution adds trees to our world as well as tradition to your home.
H. Cipriano
Glen Cove, NY
November 28, 2004
Pros and Cons for both. Many people here hit every one!! It all boils down to this. If a real tree dries out, (which now with them cutting the trees so early they all do by the time Christmas rolls around) there is the danger of a house fire. The last two years I was afraid to leave the lights on the tree (yes even the little "safe" ones) for fear of a fire starting on our dried out tree that cost $$$. I always buy the 9ft Frasier fir, loved them, however my family's safety has become more important. Basically this year we are going shopping for a fake/safe tree!! Merry Christmas to all which ever you choose!! 
November 23, 2004
Fake/Plastic Trees. Benefits, Disadvantages and Improvements that could be made to fix these problems.
Benefits Disadvantages Improvements:
- They last longer than real trees. Studies show that plastic trees are thrown out after only a few years anyway, reducing the amount of plastic landfill 
- Maintain your tree properly and pack it away in a protective cover.  There is no hassle in buying them because they are found in many shops around Christmas.
- They don't look as good as real trees and they can have only a small amount of foliage, but you can decorate the tree with tinsel or foliage coloured tinsel. 
- They are generally inexpensive, because they are made out of cheap materials. Many cheaper trees are of poor quality as well as deteriorating quickly. Shop around to find a tree that you like within your price limit!  
-They don't litter the floor with pine needles like real trees do.  It increases the use of fossil fuels. You can't eliminate that problem.
- They don't bother you if you don't like the smell of pine.  It creates pollution and releases poisonous gases into the atmosphere.  If you happen to like the smell of pine you can buy a special pine spray- also at the expense of the environment.
- They can't rot like real trees can. It requires a high amount of energy use during production. You can't eliminate that problem. 
- They're easy to assemble and easy to store away. It contributes to the amount of wasted plastic into the environment.
- Recycle your tree. 
- They don t weigh much. They are usually made in foreign countries so buying a fake tree would not support the local industry. 
- Shop around and try to find a tree made locally.

Bolivar Guachichullca
New London, CT 
November 12, 2
When we think about Christmas, the first thing that comes to our minds is a "Christmas tree," some of us may think that artificial trees are much better for the environment than real trees, but the reality is different, while artificial Christmas trees are not recyclable, do not generate jobs for Americans (they are produced in foreign countries). Real Christmas trees are recyclable, purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and other gases, and generate thousands of jobs for Americans. So the next time you think "fake or real" take the above into consideration.
Mitul Gandhi
November 2, 2004
While nothing can match the natural beauty and feel of real Christmas trees, I think artificial Christmas trees today are the much more environmentally conscious way of celebrating Christmas... Besides that, Artificial Christmas trees are easier to maintain and do not serve as a fire hazard... also, you can buy one and use it year over year if you store it carefully.. Why in the world someone would want to cut a beautiful tree from it's forest habitat for a couple of weeks of home decoration when there are wonderful alternatives available is beyond me. 
Thought I'd send you a link for some beautiful artificial Christmas trees that your visitors may be interested in. I'd be most obliged if you post this link - click here.

October 25, 2004
Real trees are the only way to go! Face it..
August 4, 2004
All my life until about 10 years ago my family had real trees. I would be the one looking forward to that day.. I called it the hunt because it was a long search and find mission. usually took hours but I loved it.. then came that horrible day I had to remove it.. after 4 weeks of making sure it was watered and basically babied I had to take it out in the back yard. this tree was very much alive and green and I just looked at it standing in my patio in the cold I started to feel horrible as if I am killing it. from that day on I never had another live tree. I just can't kill another one. I invested in a beautiful tree that is very full and looks just like the ones I used to cut down. believe me I searched long and hard for one like it.
Luke Bricker
December 16, 2003
Real trees are a lot better than fake ones. I grew up with a real tree and they are fun to burn. 

Mr. Suitor
Houston, Texas
December 13, 2003

Real trees are much prettier and much more attractive than artificial trees, and they smell wonderful, but they should never be used and personally they should be outlawed. They are nothing but another excuse for these so called fly by night cheap farmers to make an extra dollar at the expense of the environment. They should be stopped!! The excuse that is most widely used is, (Which i hate with a passion) 95% of Christmas trees are grown on farms and not harvested from the forest. Granted, that is true, but where on Gods creation do you think the land comes from to grow these trees. Hello people.... wake up and smell the forest!! Forest is cleared in order to have room
to grow the trees. Excuses, excuses, and more lame excuses, just so you can try and justify something that is nothing short of sickening.
And as for the person that says (You know who you are) that fake trees are for fake people.... get a life!! It's people like you that is the reason that over 50!
% of the worlds forests have been cut down and a large percentage of our animal life is either extinct, or almost extinct. Plainly because you just don't give a darn!! Get a life!! 

Alicia Earley 
December 8, 2003
Not real trees. Fake trees don't shed needles all over like real trees

December 6, 2003

Merry Christmas. Every year we buy a living Christmas tree in a pot. We water and fertilize it well and come spring we plant it outside or give it to friends as housewarming Etc... living in Florida we can plant it after new years generally but it lives fine in the
house until it's able to be planted outside. We have kept a smaller one one year inside the house for three years and just kept reusing. We don't like the idea of killing trees for Christmas. When i was young and poor we would get our trees as left behinds at Christmas night left by tree vendors. I'm sure there are thousands wasted every year. I would still like a vintage silver tree for my office ,that way its kill proof and WAAAY KOOOL. 

December 4, 2003
I love real trees, fake trees are just too not fun. Now there is pre-decorated trees, what is the point in that. if you are going to buy a pre-decorated tree, thing of all the fun you are wasting. 
Visa Visa 
Lake Villa, IL 
December 4, 2003
I like fake trees because they are easy to set up and they do not shed pine needels all over the house!!! Fake tree also last WAY longer then real trees. 

Lois K.
Parma, Ohio, USA
November 26, 2003

I like the look and smell of real trees, but they're a nuisance to deal with. You have to cut it down, drag it into the house, remember to water it, clean up the needles, then drag it back out when you're done with it. Artificial trees are easy to put up, there's no need to water them, and no needles being shed all over the place. Also, there's the fire hazard problem--as real trees dry out, they become flammable, whereas artificial ones are made to be fire-resistant. (The apartment complex where I live won't even allow real trees for this reason.)

Environmentally, it's like the difference between plastic bags and paper bags--both have advantages and disadvantages. Most Christmas trees are grown on farms, which is a plus; however, that space could also be used for more environmentally-sound purposes, such as seedlings to replant forests destroyed for lumber. But, they are usually recycled into mulch. Artificial trees are made from plastics and metal, the manufacturing of which causes pollution; however, it will last for years, whereas a real one is already dying when you bring it home. 

For people who can't decide, there is a compromise--Christmas trees whose central column is made from an actual pine or spruce tree, with realistically-rendered artificial branches. They're expensive, but very attractive.

November 22, 2003

REAL TREES ARE FAR BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! I live in Louisiana, where a combination of many factors--not the least of which is offshore oil drilling--have caused massive coastal erosion, leading to a loss of wildlife and a loss of natural barriers against hurricanes. Artificial trees are usually made from petroleum products, i.e. plastics. Even if an artificial tree is used for 20 years, it will sit in a landfill for hundreds of years to come. Conifers, especially cedars, grow very quickly even in bad soil, and when the Christmas season is over, in Louisiana they are put into "tree fences" across the bayous to help trap sediment and rebuild wetlands. 
November 3, 2003
My family fights on this subject ALL the moms family always have real trees and my dads family fake. so in our house its always an argument. But by far real is the way to go...especially a Fraser fir. And besides, for every tree cut 3-4 are planted
in its place. AND I live in Michigan which is like king of Christmas tree farms and i know this much....there are fields and fields of trees planted solely for being chopped down for Christmas. it is NOT Christmas without a real one :) my family compromises now...real one in family room, fake in living room....but in my opinion there's NOTHING nice about a fake "tree", no matter how "real" they allegedly look. 

October 8, 2003
I like real trees because they smell great only. They are messy, and the limbs don't display your ornaments well. Then there is, the finding someone with a truck to get it to your house if you don't have one. Plus, if you have allergies, real trees can reek
havoc on the sinuses. I also agree that it really seems better to me, to use one tree for 10-12 years versus using a REAL tree every year, only to burn the thing and throw it out, I don't care if it is from a tree form, it still can contribute needed oxygen.
So yes, artificial is the way for me. With MY family we have FOND memories of putting up the artificial tree, just as most do the real tree. . its all in what you are used to. Enjoy you real trees guys, and ill enjoy my tree scent candles while admiring my artificial tree with the well hung ornaments. :)

BA Brock U.
January 7, 2000
I have always had a real tree since we had my grandparents' woods in which to harvest lumber. It was logged sustainably for years until my grandfather died. Nothing beats the smell of a real tree and the uniqueness of each one. Based on the original pagan tradition of celebrating the Winter Solstice, a tree was meant to represent the continuation of life in the dead of winter and to thank the Earth for her resources. There are viable arguments for both sides, but the best thing to do now, (if you cannot have your own forest to sustainably use,) is to buy a potted tree at a Garden store. Then you can plant it and watch it grow for several years!
Jeff Taylor
Oshawa Ontario; formely of Campbellton N.B. December 11, 1999
I've never had a fake tree in my life, and I don't plan on starting now, fake trees are for people who don't appreciate the true meaning of the season. Fake trees, pretty much say well come on in, look were having Christmas now, where a real tree says look its Christmas and we are enjoying it. I grew up in the woods, where you took what you got and appreciated it. Christmas was something you looked forward to, not something you dreaded coming. It used to make our year to go and get the tree, it was a day of fun not a chore. I think people who like fake trees are fake. My sister uses a fake tree and we have the same argument every year, fake or real.
save a tree eat a beaver

Ronald Fournier,
Glassville, N.B. December 3, 1999
No way can an artificial tree be the way to go. Plastics are mostly made from petroleum products. A real tree, especially if it grown and managed ecologically, is much better since it can be mulched and returned to the soil. It doesn't make sense to burn it since you create more air pollution. Having a live tree also implies a better connection with life outside the home. The smell and feel of it are also important. Look at it this way, the artificial tree is likely the choice of the "suits", for their office, where only appearance is important, rather than substance. In fact, this debate is good example of our present dichotomy, the fake versus the real! Happy Y2K from the Clearinghouse Group!
30 novembre 1999
Un arbre artificiel est plus "ecologiquement correct" vu sa durabilite. De plus, les sapins baumier de plantations sont, a leur facon, tout aussi artificiel. Avez-vous deja vu une plantation? Tous en ligne, tous le meme age, toute la meme espece. L'endroit propice au developpement de maladies et d'insectes ravageurs. Cependant, un arbre naturel est drolement plus interessant. Tant qu'a choisir, j'en prendrais un sur une terre privee exploitee et je recyclerais cet arbre en bois de chauffage apres noel!
November 26, 1999
I'm in a beach town and they take the real trees and bury them in the sand which is great since it's not wasteful and it helps preserve the beaches. 
James L
22 novembre, 1999
Moi je vais pour les vrais arbres. les vrais arbres augmentent les surface protégé pour la cultures, des emploies local, les arbres artificiel dependent d'utilisationn de ressource naturel. CARBURANT DECHETs MANUFACTURIER.......
Mark Connell
November 22, 1999
It depends on what the artificial trees are made of and what size they are If they are 1/2 cm high and made of wood it would be an advantage. Best solution plant a tree, perhaps a bonsai pine, instead of cutting one and use the same tree year after year !!!

Mary Simpson
November 19, 1999
Neither. I think a little spruce or pine tree trimmed from a road side or forest is the best. The road side tree is going to get cut by the brush cutter anyway. The forest tree selected would be one that should be thinned anyway to give some space to its neighbour to grow full and strong and straight.
November 18, 1999
I support the use of an artificial tree due to the fact that an artificial can last for many years and a live tree is only chopped down for the Christmas season only to be burned and tossed away after Christmas. Also, an artificial tree does not have live seeds for future trees to be harvested. 
17 novembre 1999
Moi aurais à dire un vrai arbre aui vient d'une plantation.
Un arbre artificiel n'est pas bon pour l'environnement, il est non recyclable.

Patty Donovaan
Wild Circle 
November 17, 1999
I can not cut down a living thing and only allow it to be for a few days in my house... but if you look at it like "Christopher the Christmas tree" then that is what he grew up to be and was happy for that.... I use fake cause the trees are sprayed and make us sick... the fake tree is a polluter though so I am damned if I do and damned, by my kids, if I don't!
Marc-André Villeneuve
Club ornithologique du Madawaska
17 novembre 1999
Sans contredit un arbre artificiel. Il ne saigne pas, il ne vit pas, il ne pousse
pas, il ne contribue pas trop à l'effet de serre et surtout, il est réutilisable
à volonté. C'est là sa grande puissance écologique.

Lou McMillan.
Victoria, BC
Nov 14, 1999

If the real tree to be used,  is grown on a farm exclusively for Christmas destruction then I do yield to the yearly use of them. However any cutting of any live tree in other locations for such use I do not agree with. Although artificial trees get poor reviews from most environmentalists because of their construction and materials used, there is merit to such trees.  An artificial tree if looked after should last at least 10 years, how long does a real tree require to reach any meaningful height? Should we use "one" artificial tree or use up 10 real trees in the same time span.  
Overall I support the use of artificial trees. 

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