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recycling ~ recyclage

Is recycling just a stop gap measure that does nothing to encourage proper packaging of products? Is it just a way to get more money? Does it contribute to the acceleration of climate change due to increased trucks on the road?  Or is recycling helping to keep our environment clean? Share your views

Le recyclage serait-il une mesure temporaire incapable de favoriser l'emballage correct des produits? Serait-ce tout juste une autre façon d'obtenir de plus grands profits? Avec l'accroissement des camions sur la route, le recyclage contribuerait-il à l'accélération des changements climatiques? Ou bien, est-ce que le recyclage contribue à conserver notre
environnement propre? Quelle est votre opinion?

April 29, 2009
Recycling rocks!!!! This is way to help our world, this way you would save more trees... and yea it rocks RECYCLE, RECYCLE, RECYCLE!!!! EVERYBODY RECYCLE PLEASE!!!!
North Dakota
April 27, 2009
Yeah I agree with the lot of ya I recycle and I think if we don't we will all die.
April 24, 2009
I love recycling it is great
April 24, 2009
I think you should recycle!!!!! If you don' t our world will be destroyed and we wont be able to have fun if our earth is a dump!!! It is our job to save what God made!!!
Glen Margatetns
April 26, 2009
Recycling is very hard to do
March 30, 2009
Hello I love to recycle
March 27, 2009 Recycling sounds like a great idea. I've just never had the time to do it
Jesus Gonzalez
Long Beach, Cal
March 25, 2009
If we don't start to recycle bad things like pollution can happen and because of that we could get sick and get a disease if you don't want pollution then start recycling paper, bottles, aluminum etc. Remember RECYCLE
March 26, 2009 PEOPLE- RECYCLE!!!!!! If you don't you will kill our planet!
Elisa Ann Corkey
San Antonio, Texas
March 23, 2009
 First off let me start by sayin whoever recycles: hats off to you =] But if you dont it doesn' t justify the type of person you are. Second recycling dosent conclude that the world is going to end God defines that.
March 15, 2009 Think about what will happen to the animals and their habitats? it is so simple to just recycle so lets recycle and have a happy world.
February 5, 2009
I think we should all recycle.
Ontario, Canada
January 20 2009
 Recycling saves a lot of trees. trees are good because trees provide us with oxygen, and we need oxygen to breathe! Plus, it provides homes for animals like birdies! Yay birdies! RECYCLE OR THE WORLD WILL END AND WE WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 17, 2008
Did you also know that recycling is hazardous to the environment and to our own human health? Chemicals leak out, and it can cause brain damage.  When you recycle paper, the de-inker emits pollution.  See?  Everything isn't always good.
December 14, 2008
We should all recycle! It destroys our earth when we don't I LOVE TO RECYCLE!
Kate Ecclestone 
Stone, Staffs, England
December 6, 2008
recycling is stupid. why waste our life by recycling when we could be out having fun!!!! that is what most people think, but we should recycle it is important and if we don't then god knows what will happen!!
Davenport, IA
December 5, 2008
Gary, Indiana
December 5, 2008
December 2, 2008
recycling makes the world a better place. i love recycling!!
Elizabeth G.
Ridgewood, NJ
November 23, 2008
October 28, 2008
recycling is very good!!! recycle or our planet will be a dump!!! if our planet is a dump, where would the people in the future live? you surely cant live in a dump. recycling is not something that is hard to do - you only have to get a recycling bin, put it outside when the day for recycling. it is very simple so make are world a better place!! thanks for reading:)
Hallue Undersrew
Morristown, TN
October 22, 2008
recycle it saves trees and i love trees
D. C.
October 20, 2008
Recycle!!!!!!!!!!! Think about our children of the future; what kind of life are they going to have if we don't recycle.
October 19, 2008
Just recycle, it not hard at all.
September 1, 2008
I say recycling improves
our lives and the Earth.
So everyone recycle, and listen
to Tegan and Sara and Underoath. <3

Paramribo, South America
July 30, 2008
I say recycle - it can truly make a difference!  We moved to South America about 4 months ago from South Africa and they only recycle plastic here; I see the mines cutting down the trees and when they are finished mining in that specific area after 2 years or so they have to rehabilitate the ground but do you think they actually do it? For them it is just wasted money and time so I say recycle and promote it!!!!! You can make a difference if you try.
Susan Treacle
July 7, 2008
Recycle recycle eh?
What a spectacular idea.  It is absolutely the key to a peaceful world, universe, and life.  My answer is: DO IT. 100000000000%. Think about the children. What is their life going to turn out like if we don't respect the future? Have a heart. Have a life.

May 27, 2008
Recycle! It makes a difference!
Recycleville, USA
May 19, 2008
WHO CARES ABOUT THE PRICE!!! Would you rather have paper in your hand or be extinct??? I would choose the recycling one!!!
Green Girl
Tumbler Ridge
May 13, 2008
What if we do not recycle? How badly would our world be affected? That's the question, and the answer is that we should recycle.  My school is starting composting and we do need to save our world before it is to late.  And how hard is it for someone to just start recycling? Because a little of your time can save the world's time.
May 8, 2008
If we don't start soon then the world will one be trashcan and, secondly, we would have global warming and carbon dioxide for air and the world will be water.
April 30, 2008
Recycling is a good thing and soon if we don't our world is going to be a big trash can of pollution! So start recycling!!
New Hampshire
April 29, 2008
I am trying to get my school to recycle more than just paper.  We need to save our earth.  We need to take care of it so we aren't living on a crappy no good planet. 
April 22, 2008
Recycle because even though it uses energy to recycle it still saves energy by recycling and if everyone did recycle then the world would be more clean.  And there's more to recycling than to just recycle bottles and stuff you can use a bottle twice and many other things. Thank you for reading. :)
April 19, 2008
Recycling is completely pointless...doesn't help much at the stats
April 11, 2008
If everyone in the world recycles our earth would be a better place!!
Toronto, ON
April 1, 2008
it is very important to recycle. be green.
Barbara Hyde
Tomball Texas
March 26, 2008
we should all recycle, point blank.  it saves the world one tree at a time.
Jessica Rolo
Northern Ireland
March 18, 2008
I think recycling is good for the environment and that companies are doing something to help are future life.  I'm also doing stuff for the environment because are school are doing projects so I came up with the idea of planting trees
March 17, 2008
Recycling is very important in our life! do it right now!!!!!!
Portland, OR
March 12, 2008
We are considered one of the "Green" states. But I've noticed that hardly anyone actually recycles. I think recycling is a great idea, but we need to do something to make it happen. If we don't start recycling more, and doing other things to save our environment, we are going to end up dead. Our future will be the one in "Idiocracy." We will be stupid, and will have polluted lands, but who cares, we wont be alive in 100+ years. That's what most people think, but we need to do something NOW to save the environment for future generations.
March 11, 2008
Stephanie C
March 5, 2008
YES YES YES YES RECYCLING is good, and it will always be good! START RECYCLING NOW!!!!!!!!!
February 29, 2008
Well I think it's a good thing to recycle because you save a lot of trees and you don't fill a lot of landfills.
February 21, 2008
Recycling one can saves enough energy to light a 100 watt bulb for 3-1/2 hours. A pound of steel can save enough energy to light a 60 watt bulb for 26 hours.
Toronto, ON
February 10, 2008
Recycling does save trees. It takes less trees to recycle paper instead of just making brand new ones! So always ALWAYS recycle.
Stephanie & Corttany
January 7, 2008
Why not recycle? If you start recycling then you will be an example to people around you and then they will start recycling, and before you know it the earth will be a lot better place. So I encourage everyone to do their part..... MAKE A DIFFERENCE
January 3, 2008
recycling is important to our environment and health
Toronto, ON
December 14, 2007
of course recycling helps the environment. if there was no recycling there would be garbage everywhere....and recycling DOES save the trees!! OBVIOUSLY!!! because if we recycle the paper we don't have to cut down more and more trees. If you don't recycle, you will kill the earth.
Rebecca Thompson
November 30, 2007
we should do recycling because it saves our life
November 28, 2007
I really like the 5 r's: Rethink, Reuse, Recycle, Renovate, and Redesign! Recycling is way more than just throwing trash in garbage cans it is very important for our world and the animals and people in it! Recycling could raise the population of many animals and maybe people! I would say that we are a little out of control!
Emma DeBoer
November 13, 2007
recycling is smart to do! now recycle to save trees
Seattle, WA
September 4, 2007
Recycling is destructive. Save trees?! Recycling does nothing to save trees, our use of paper has spurred a logical and much needed demand for farmed trees, yes, we farm trees. Living in houses, apartments, any structure however destroys the environment, I have lived in a small 600 square foot house to limit my impact on the environment, however many people feel great about recycling, but they often forget that they do more damage through their house than their excretion of garbage. If you recycle you need to know that metal is the only material that has the ability to be recycled without causing industrial emissions that are 40% higher than US Federal standers for private companies, (Namely Paper, however plastic is much worse) (simple terms the emissions from paper refineries is one of the single highest contributors to CFC's in the Ozone) However paper recycling emissions are only beat out by plastics. Many happy go lucky recyclers are naive people, they are people! that will believe anything you tell them.
Jordana, Age 12
March 23, 2007
well it saves our world and plus it saves a lot of time and energy to us and the people.  so if we make our world better we can save the world from a horrible life to a good life
Patricia Hotchkiss
February 12, 2007
i think that we should save trees cause if we don't we wont have any oxygen.
Mckay Vyrostek
January 24, 2007
I think that we should save the trees because we barely use paper and if we keep cutting down trees we wont be able to live without oxygen and the population would be...0!!!!!!!!! (that's a bad thing) anyway The environment is important cause trees aren't renewable you just cant go to home depot and buy a 100 foot tree and plant it in the forest that's all :)
December 19, 2006
I think every individual has a big impact of using our resources as well as contribution her/his part in recycling. There are enormous amount of advertising to encourage people just to buy and consume. One should wonder and use the common sense and ethics and ask this simple question how much I need to buy? Train ourself to fight with our unethical desires.
October 8, 2006
You should put what will happen if we don't recycle.
Mathieu Nongni, Ngaoundéré
le 6 mars, 2005
De quel recyclage peut-on parler pour les populations de l'Adamaoua au cameroun? Sommes nous capables de produire du papier ou de l'utiliser? et qui l'utilise? Nos populations sont encore habituées aux feuilles naturelles

Andrew Hawkins,
Richibucto NB
January 15, 2005
Without doubt recycling is a step in the right direction I see no reason why the issue
shouldn't be addressed at source. Manufacturers should be penalized for excessive packaging. Using less packaging would reduce the weight of the products and probably the volume too thereby reducing the transportation costs and saving the manufacturer money.

Dr Norbert Gami, Anthropologue et environnementaliste Brazzaville, Congo
le 7 jan. 2005
Débat très intéressant, mais je voudrai attirer l'attention des lecteurs sur le
déferlement dans les villes africaines des emballages sous formes de sachets plastiques. Après utilisations, les usagers abondent ces sachets dans la rue. A tel point que les villes d'Afrique centrale comme Kinshasa et Brazzaville ressemblent à des grosses poubelles. Mêmes lorsque ces emballages sont ramassés, ils ne
bénéficient pas d'un recyclage. Les ordures sont souvent rejettés à moins de 20 km de la ville dans des grosses fosses. Juste pour vous dire que les pays du tiers-monde viennent d'amorcer un virage dangereux avec les emballages en plastiques non recyclable. Dommage qu'il n'y ai pas un regard des écologistes sur cet aspect.

Carter Reeb, Charlotte, 
North Carolina
Dec. 30, 2005
I think that recycling is just a way to make a companies product look more attractive, and also a way to give a company a "Green" look. By showing that they care about the environment by using recyclable products, they appeal to a wider demography, and therefore make more money that way. I also think that the use of recyclable packaging and recyclable products is good, but in no way is it making a big difference, but is really a small improvement that is publicized for the public and allows us to think that when we buy a product we are actually being less detrimental to the environment and doing out duty as a steward of the environment. If I had to guess, I would say that many people see both the hypocracy and the facade that recycling really is, and that many of these same people do it anyways because it is better to do all that you can by recycling when the best way to help the environment is to reduce the amount of products produced and the amount of industrial waste that leaks out into the environment destroying our ecosystems. They figure that since they aren't willing to simply alter their lifestyle and they want to save our earth, they will recycle. I think it is completely asinine for us to do so many small things in the name of environmental awareness when we completely ignore the major causes of pollution and the degradation of biodiversity and whole biospheres. Think about it, 80 percent of the population uses 20 percent of the worlds resources and the other twenty percent uses the other 80 percent of resources that are used in the world. That's crazy and totally wasteful. Do your part and as a whole, we can make our world a better place.

Dec. 16, 2004

YES YES AND YES. For example, if we had the simple glass milk bottles I grew up with, you wouldn't have to process them and find a use for them, they just got re-used and you never had the worry about drinking out of -ugh- plastic of some sort... a nice hemp bag for groceries would be worth composting right alongside my chicken manure... and so on
Heather McTiernan
Dec. 15, 2004
Just as decreasing the level of fuel consumption in our gasoline burning cars is only a stepping stone on the path to both a technological shift in transportation (to
renewables) and ideological shift in transportation (to lifestyle change), so is the
recycling system an intermediate but necessary step in the shift toward a closed-loop system of consumption. 
Recycling is only futile if we look at it as an end, rather that a means to an end. 
Changing the ideologies and consumption patterns of an entire society is no small
feat, and as with anything else, some people will profit from the process, and some
waste will be generated. People profit from the public transportation industry, and
buses and trains are significant polluters, but we don't question the need to keep
promoting these systems with the hope that as we improve the system, more people will use it and it will become more efficient. I think recycling should be looked at the same way. It may only be the first rung on the ladder in terms of waste reduction, but it is an essential one. Skipping this step would be too big of a jump for our consumption obsessed society. Two steps forward and one step back gets us further ahead than no steps at all.

Hart Perley 
Dec. 15, 2004

I do believe that no matter how much the ordinary person contributes to the recycling of "garbage" the ones that are the most destructive are the industries.  The ordinary person can do their part in keeping their surrounding environment clean of "garbage" yes, but they will not change the process of "climate change".  The process that accelerates the change cannot be stopped now, nor reversed, unless industry stops, and we know that will not happen. Do not be alarmed about global warming, your own scientists had warned long ago of this "potentially" happening, but industry grew anyway. Just be prepared!!
Dec. 15, 2004
Recycling is an important PART of the Reduce, Reuse, Recyle mantra, but that's just what it is - One Part. 
We see in so many places that people are trying to reduce the amount of trash they put by the curb. If they were ALSO reducing how much made it into the recycling bins, we would see serious improvements. 
We should all be continuing to recycle what waste we do generate, but the goal should definitely be to generate less waste.

Mark Arsenault
Dec. 14, 2004

I certainly believe that this is a topic that deserves much thought. Has anyone taken
the necessary steps to calculate the exact costs, both monetary and environmental?


Dan Earle
Dec. 14, 2004

I guess the answer is --- all of the above.
In the list of the 5 R's, recycling is pretty much a stop gap measure to take care of packaging that we don't really need and to run newspaper, magazines, and glass and cans back through some kind of cycle with some positive effect. It is better than shipping stuff off to the land fill.
Recycling does not get down to the root of the problem of use of resources and waste issues -- better addressed by the other 4 R's. One of the problems is that all we ever hear is recycle, recycle, recycle. There is no public discussion of the other approaches that are needed.
Rethinking of what society needs and redesigning really begins to fall into the corporate realm and Cradle to Cradle Design so well put forward by McDonough and Braungart in their book of the same title (North Point Press).

The 5 R's: Rethink, Reuse, Recycle, Renovate, Redesign

G. Doucet
Moncton, NB
Dec. 13, 2004
I do feel there is much too much packaging. I do see the need for some. People living in Europe seem to buy everything in bulk or at markets. I'm not sure North Americans would be willing to do that. Sometimes I get to feeling we are beyond redemption. And I was brought up on a small farm... The food was so fresh back then. However now I get scared of germs on produce and of mad cow disease. 
Are we out of control? 

Jen MacDonald,
Glen Margaret, NS
Dec. 13, 2004
The fact that recycling exists justifies for the consumer, the purchasing of items with a lot of packaging. There needs to be more investment in readily biodegradable packaging materials such as the new corn plastics. This investment increase calls for a campaign to encourage the development of biodegradable packaging options AND consumer behaviour change in choosing items with less packaging - the first tenant of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  I'd also like to see a community economic development cost benefit analysis for recycling programs, i.e. does the job creation from recycling help communities be more sustainable? And, if we took recycling out of the picture, what impact would this have on community economies?  Gee! thanks for letting me rant and share my opinion.

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