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sun.gif (20999 bytes)Climate Change
What are your hopes and fears?  

Le changement climatique
Quels sont vos espoirs et vos préoccupations?

Paul Martin,
April 4, 2000
Well it makes making maple tricky, we just keep tapping earlier and earlier, plus as it warms up those critters down south like poisonous snakes and killer bees will move north, then there's the ice cap, and of course there are those who don't believe in global warming...
J. Denys Bourque, R.P.F.
21 juin, 1999
Canada has signed - and ratified - The Climate Change Convention
which requires the country to reduce greenhouse gases. The Kyoto
Protocol has to do with "credits" (could be $$) for lower
greenhouse gases and greater carbon sequestration. Carbon is
sequestered in trees, and also in the soil.
There is concern that the Canadian Government and the Forest Industry is going for double accounting, that is getting double credits - and in some cases thus double $$ - for the same action. Sneaky, isn't it? But what else should we expect ?

October 14, 1998
I'm not afraid of anything regarding climate change. I recognize that it
will mean change. We will need to work out new community and governance structures if water levels rise, rainfall patterns change, and permanent ice ranges change. Climate change may be undesireable, it may be inevitable, we will change our ways of thinking and relating to adapt. It will be a challenge we need to be ready for the challenge
Jeff Price
Sept. 25, 1998
My hopes are that our North American society takes responsibility for its consumptive lifestyle/culture and acts proactively to avert drastic climactic changes. My fears are that we will become pacified by the mainstream media sources that we depended upon to form our public policy options.
Matt Jonah
Sept. 25, 1998
I'm afraid that well meaning environmentalist who truly hope to avert the dangers of climate change will be relegated to expressing their opinions on gov't sponsored web sites.
Karen Townsend
Sept. 23, 1998
I'm afraid that there will be massive crop failures.

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