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New Brunswick Rivers
Rivières du Nouveau-Brunswick

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Tell us a story about your favorite river in
New Brunswick!

"Racontez-nous une anecdote concernant votre rivière préférée au

Jason Webb
Sussex, NB
December 1, 2008
Well i guess i would have to say my favorite river of all is LITTLE SALMON RIVER, which is located near Quiddy River. My father started taking me there at a very young age. This is very beautiful spot, with cliffs towering overhead, waterfalls and gorge after gorge. People say its a long way to go for five fish. But you know it wouldn't matter if you didn't even get a bit. It's such a peaceful spot with no one around for miles. I can't wait until my boy's are old enough to finally take their first trip in I can only hope that they can enjoy this river as much as i have. I would like to thank my father for introducing me to one of gods most beautiful spots. I look forward to next year's trips.
Jas Ang
November 27, 2008
I think without a doubt that little salmon river would be about the best there is. My father had started taking me there when i was very young. The river grew on me fast. It's so nice to be down in there with nothing but nature. We go there on many fishing trips. People say long way to for five fish. But its not about the fishing, its being out there with nature and my father. Know before you go finding yourself a map on how to get there, listen up. This is not a place for screwing around. We go a few times a year and have never seen a soul. What I'm trying to say it is dangerous in there. The man who wrote about quiddy river would probably agree. The river is nothing but cliffs, water falls, gorges, oh and beauty. If some day you decide to go in for hike be sure to talk to someone who knows the river first. One wrong step and its over.
Neil Pettigrew
Thunder Bay, ON
October 14, 2008
Had a wonderful float down the Jacket this fall with my father, hooked several salmon, the colours were in full force, it is especially significant for me as I now reside in Ontario and the community of Jacquet River is where my family first settled (Heron Island to be specific).
July 31, 2008
Jacquet River in New Brunswick... is still the very best for the nature lover - it is so pristine and virgin that a visit to the area is an experience of a lifetime.
When in NB, take Hwy 11, exit 351 - onto 'Mutton Lane'... and just follow that lane along the river...
If you love nature and a photographer, you found paradise !

Allan Carrier
Montreal, QC
October 27, 2007
I live in Montreal but was born and raised in Lorne N.B. I visit this beautiful place I still call home a dozen times a year because I can't get enough of the beautiful landscape that N.B has to offer, the rivers, lakes, ponds, the great roads in the woods to ride my atv, the fishing, the hunting and lets not forget the friendly people.
Corey Godin
Lorne, NB
July 16, 2007
I prefer the river of energy, which all resides under our feet and provides all of us with fuel, lubricants, plastics, chemicals, and many other things that we required today to live our typical, daily lives.
Jody Sawyer
Cape Breton, NS
May 31, 2007
This has all been interesting to read....we are from NB but at the moment reside on the beautiful island of Cape Breton and are in the process of moving to the Belledune/Jacquet Rive area. There is not a lot of info available so it's nice to see we seem to be moving to a beautiful area. I grew up on the St. John River and now we are on the ocean; both my husband and I have a real penchant for water....
Strandnes family
Derry, NH
May 6, 2007
Our family is lucky to have property right on the Jacquet River and have enjoyed the natural beauty for over 30 years. With the Jacquet River Gorge and the Bay of Chaleur, it is nature at its best. Where else can you have a moose and a hummingbird in the same photo ?
Jacquet River Resident
Jacquet River Drive
May 5, 2007
Logs used to travel down the river a long time ago to supply Fendersons mill, where the train tracks now exist. So my father tells me. A dangerous job, walking on those slippery logs, guiding them down on those high spring waters. It is a magnificent river, lets keep it clean!
Susan McGregor
Doylevillen NB
February 23, 2007
I grew up in Jacquet River, near the river swam in it every summer. I now live right beside the Louison river, and my kids are swimming in there. nothing like a fresh dip in the river, we had a pool but the river was preferable.
Martha C. Bailey Penticton, BC
October 23, 2006
dear jacquet river fans; i love all your memories of treasured times spent there.  i heard a lot of jacquet from a. graham winton 1945 on his return after being a prisoner of war. who was brought up there. i believe it was a great place. does anyone remember him, his mother was a school teacher, i would love to see pictures of that time. regards martha. 
M. Bailey
Penticton, BC
October 19, 2006
thank you all for the jacquet -river memories. it is a place i heard so much about, from a.graham winton. does anyone remember him? i would love to see a snap of the school he attended 1930's also any other photos of that time. 
Mary (Culligan) Langhan
Winnipeg, Manitoba
October 16, 2006
I just returned from Jacquet River and must say the Bay Chaleur is beautiful. The Jacquet River Gorge was showing the beautiful autumn colors and the river is great. It was a beautiful place to grow up.
Ed Firlotte
Smiths Falls, ON
August 28, 2006
I fondly remember growing up in Durham Centre and going to school in Jacquet River. Many of you might remember me as, during the 1950's, I was the one who was electrocuted on the Jacquet River Bridge at that time. I always make it a special point to visit my hometown (Jacquet River) every time I pass through even if it means going out of my way. I always loved going up the river to fish as well as fishing in the Bay of Chaleur and going up to the Louison River to catch smelts in the spring of the year. It was just a great place for kids to grow up and learn the moral values we were all taught. Heaven forbid if we didn't learn them. I would like to converse with anyone from down home.
Stacia Esliger 
Brampton , Ontario
July 28, 2006
I would have to Say Jacquet River!!! I am from Lorne and now reside in Brampton Ontario, and its nothing like home, as a child we would go to Doyle's Pool and The Flatts, reading these pages kinda brings me back !! Walking in the woods and the peacefulness of it all is something that I miss, God I even miss the Louison River which is not famous but still runs through !!Nothing like watching a moose cool down in the Louison River*** and then not see him again during Season lol ! Take Care New Brunswick !!!!!! 
Kim Cunningham
May 9, 2006
I myself am very partial to the Pollet River in Elgn NB .I have aquired a camp that is on it and have had a long love affair with the river and the little town .Its is one of the most diverse rivers with breathtaking views from many points .Some of which are very popular such as Gordoon Falls and Gibson .These are very beautiful I also agree with Paul Martin on Quiddy Falls or river .I have hiked and road an Atv on these trails that border this river as well as gone to Martin's head .I am in awe of the beauty that abounds us right here in our own backyards .I would love to get some history of Martins Head and the outer island that is just off the shore ? Anyone who has some please by all meas advise me Thanks 
May 3, 2006
Well i love new brunswick i come from there . I actually come from lorne in new brunswick ..well i love it and it's a good place visit it 
June 16, 2005
I remember as a young girl living in Campbellton, where my dad was inspector of railroads, and we had a camp on the Upsilquish {?} River. It was right on the railway line and we would travel there by train. The trout were so plentiful that my mom insisted we have a feed of trout everyday and no one ever argued. It was such a treasured part of my childhood memories.
January 6, 2005
Waweig River is my fondest river. I have many special memories of my Father, now deceased, and myself spending weekends fishing there. Those weekends together out there on his old rickety boat fishing was where I really got to know my father. We never caught many fish but that never mattered. We just enjoyed the time we had. 
Bo H. Strandnes, VIKING CAMPS - Derry,NH
May 8, 2004
As a photographer of wilderness and nature scenes, I have traveled New England and the Maritimes since 1973, and my favorite river is the Jacquet River, at Belledune, NB.  With the Jacquet River Gorge protected area, this photographer's dream will stay pristine and natural, for generations to come. There is easy access from highway #11 (exit #351) onto Mutton Lane, that runs parallel to the river. 
The choice of Jacquet River as my favorite river, was not easy with so many other scenic rivers in New Brunswick. The Bay of Chaleur, the quaint village of Jacquet River, and the great variety of wildlife, adds to the charm of the river. 

Ken Corbett, 
Nov. 29, 2002
The Skoodawabskooksis was a stream that ran into the Saint John River at
Longs Creek. It was drowned by the rising waters of the Mactaquac Dam's
headpond almost forty years ago. That dam should never have been built. I hear the concrete walls are expanding because they used inferior shale in the cement. It will have to be demolished, but not likely in our lifetime.

Nov. 23, 2000
Long's Creek and the Saint John River are my favorite.

November 17, 2000

The Jacquet River, Restigouche County.
The Jacquet River is situated on the North Shore of New Brunswick and is the namesake of the village of Jacquet River. The river is steeped in local history. 
The first settler along the Jacquet River was James Doyle, (Jacques is french for James; hence the name Jacquet). He was granted a land grant along it's banks, the loggers used it's fast flowing water to send logs down to the mill situated at it's mouth. It is classified as a good trout and salmon river and at one time large salmon spawned in it's waters. At present the river supplies water for the large smelting facility in Belledune. The water is still clear and cold but does not have the quantity
of water or fish it once had. As a boy I walked along it's well forested banks and I enjoyed it's quiet beauty; so this is why it is my favourite river in NB. 

Paul Martin
January 19, 2000
Well my favorite river is the Quiddy River, most people within the Sussex area know of the Quiddy falls, but they don't really know the river.  There are seven sets of falls on the Quiddy, most of the terrain is rugged , cliffs towering a couple of hundred feet above the river. It takes most of a day to hike the Quiddy from the first falls to Martin Head. There are spots where you must climb up through the mossy forests to find the next passable ravine going back down below any number of falls, then it's back up river to the last set of falls. It is an area to rugged for the ATV so it is reasonably untouched within the gorge.  The best time to hike the river is during the summer, in the spring the water is to high, and some places are not accessible. I have seen many of the rivers in N.B. but this is so far my favorite!

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