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Many of the products we use on a daily basis - from cell phones to jewelry to energy - are made from ores that are mined from the earth's crust.  Mining operations can be detrimental to the environment and to the communities in which they are located.  On the other hand, mining can provide jobs and other economic benefits to a region.   Do the benefits of mining outweigh the risks?  If not, what are our alternatives?  Tell us what you think!

Plusieurs produits que nous utilisons quotidiennement, des téléphones cellulaires, aux bijoux et à l’énergie, sont fabriqués avec des minerais que nous avons extraits de croûte terrestre.  Les opérations minières peuvent être nuisibles à l’environnement et aux collectivités où elles se trouvent.  Mais par contre, ces opérations fournissent des emplois et autres avantages économiques pour les régions.  Est-ce que les avantages offerts par les mines l’emportent sur les risques qu’elles comportent?  Sinon, quelles sont les différentes options?  Dites-nous ce que vous en pensez!
Kara Stonehouse
Cassidy Lake
March 12, 2009
I'm generally in favor of economic development, but the use of salt caverns for the storage of gas and other related products is not something I welcome. The methods used to create these salt caverns put our water supply at great risk. And, the longer term issue of health and safety of residents is frightening. The risks far outweigh the benefits here. A dozen or so long term jobs doesn't compare to hundreds or thousands of residents being put at risk. We only have to look to the poor people of Penobsquis who are still without a water supply. The mining company accepts no responsibility for the loss of water supply despite a quoted 6.33 million litres of brine water being shipped out to the Bay of Fundy from that area *every day*. We still don't know what that brine water is doing to the Bay of Fundy. We cannot accept it.

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