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Chemical pesticides are often used to control insects on lawns and gardens.  However, these products have the potential for harm to humans and the environment.  What are some alternatives to chemical pesticides?  How do you control insects on your lawn or garden without using chemical pesticides?

Des pesticides chimiques sont souvent utilisés pour maîtriser les insectes des pelouses et des jardins.  Or, ces produits chimiques peuvent nuire aux humains et à l’environnement.  Alors, quelles sont les autres options à notre disposition?  Sans utiliser de produits chimiques, comment maîtrisez-vous les insectes de votre pelouse ou de votre jardin?

Patty Donovan
Quispamsis, NB
October 24, 2008
I share the planet happily!
Susan Linkletter
Salisbury, NB
September 5, 2008
I am a certified organic farmer. You can grow anything you want without the use of pesticides or chemicals of any kind. See the ACORN website for more detailed information. 
Edmundston, N-B
11 août 2008
Je les tolère simplement.
Anne Levesque
Moncton, NB
August 11, 2008
Sometimes you just have to let the insects be. One of my sons refuses to kill (or eat) any animal, including insects, so we learned to live with the ant hill beside the steps in the backyard. The ants were happy, our son was happy and a lovely patch of chickweed grew on the anthill, much prettier than grass. 

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