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Fishy Business!
Should the fish farming industry be closed down?

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Ça sent le poisson!
Est-ce que l'industrie de l'aquaculture devrait être fermée?

Mar. 1, 2004
Yes I think that the fish farming industry should be closed!

Nov. 27, 2003
All in all I prefer Tuna. Salmon has bones in it, and although tuna has lumpy bits of gristle, you can either say to hell with
it and chew it up like a good girl, or you can pick it out and flick it at your sister. With salmon, you can crunch up the bones, but then
you get spiky poos. and if you pick it out then you get greasy fishy fingers. DOWN WITH SALMON - UP WITH TUNA!!!!!!

Cindy Coates
Nov 1, 1998
No, but the industry requires a major rethinking of it's current methods.  All I have read or heard of the industry indicates serious problems developing in nearly all types of fish farms, due to an absence of diversification. Nature has worked for millions of years, all species growing and multiplying in a diverse environment.

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