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Power Crisis?

NB Power has a $3.6 billion debt. Large industrial companies may soon be able to use natural gas to generate their own electricity. Should industrial users be responsible for their share of the debt? What should NB Power do about the debt?

Crise D'Énergie?

Durant les 40 dernières années, Énergie NB a accumulé un fardeau de dette de 3,6 milliards de dollars.  Les grandes compagnies industrielles, telles qu'Irving Oil, ont maintenant la possibilité d'utiliser du gaz naturel pour assurer leur propre source d'énergie.  Est-ce que les usagers industriels devraient avoir la liberté de procéder ainsi sans épauler leur pourcentage de la dette.  Si oui, qu'est-ce qu'Énergie NB
devrait faire à propos de la dette?

David Amos
June 24, 2006
Mark methinks it is time for you and I to have a long talk again n'est pas? 506 434 1379
Mark D. Connell,
Sussex NB
June 1, 1998
The Irving Empire in its bid to generate its own electrical power utilizing gas from Sable Island will set the stage to allow them to duck a + 3 billion debt.  The debt was incurred by the power commission on ratepayers in the province through the development of the Point Lepreau Nuclear Power plant and other generating stations.  The Irvings presently consume ~ 30% of the electrical power in the province and have benefited enormously from the construction of the Nuclear Plant.   NB Power like the collapsing sister utility, Ontario Hydro will then be a sitting duck for a rumored take over  of ailing reactors by U.S. interests whereby US Plutonium would be processed at Lepreau.

Bravo! New Brunswick  will then become Canada's leading Nuclear Waste dump and in doing so  serve to keep the power commission solvent.  Be that as it may, If the Irvings duck their responsibility do you suppose for a minute that the rest of us can duck ours?  Not that we should of course.

Politicians, where are you?  Please speak and act on this issue. If our members don't  then new parties should be proposed that could reinstate  a political and economic democracy made to serve people not corporate ends.  Who knows the very structure of our "democracies' may be at fault??

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