Ethnobotany ~ Ethnobotanique

What are the weirdest uses of native plants,
in your family tree?

Quelle fut la plus étrange utilisation des plantes indigènes dans votre "arbre" généalogique?

Deannie S Fraser,
Nova Scotia
July 5, 2007
Uses for wild plants and trees in North A. are not restricted to native plants - lots of introducedspecies are used for food, medicine, keeping bugs away, etc.
Nova Scotia
July 24, 2002
I remember my family collecting and eating what they called "Crows Feet", they would find them in marshy areas. My mother said that they looked like "little trees". Do you know what the correct term for these tasty treats is?
Oct. 14, 2001
The corn season is over, yet what has been saved will help the household ease the tickly throat and dry coughs. The whiskers from the corn has been saved, dried and kept aside; when the needs call, a pot of boiling water, a small bunch of dried whiskers, and a "blandish" hot drink helps Nature heal more.A tip for next year: when boiling your corn, a tsp. of sugar, a few of the leaves on the corn, and drink the clear liquid, it's healthy, especially for those who love the junk and/or greasy foods. :-)
Stuart McMillan Winnipeg, MB
Sept. 23, 2001
Although it is not weird to me, my family used to eat green weeds.I will always remember going out with my grandmother, picking wild mustard, red root pigweed and lambs quarters in the spring.
Emily Tector,
Halifax, N.S.
Aug 14, 2001
What a great website!  I only hope it would expand with time to include all kinds of neat facts and fictions about herbs and plants. I am currently taking a Foundations in Herbal Medicine course with Herbalist Wise Woman Danette Steele. The whole class knows about this website now! Thanks- keep it up.
Matthew Sheridan-Jonah
Sackville, NB
Aug. 8, 2001
A friend of mine recalled a story from his childhood, whereby he went hunting in the forest for the sap of Spruce trees (known as Spruce Gum) to collect and give to a girl that he had a crush on. Another friend of mine was collecting the roots of Spruce trees to use as rope. He showed them to me and their tensile strength was incredible. 
George Peabody
June 6, 2001
I'm descended from people who used to paint their entire bodies bright blue with WOAD (Isatis tinctoria), construct large wicker cages (using, I believe, Alder, which is one of the few known uses for Alder), imprison within them other people (presumably ones they didn't get along with), and set fire to the cages.
James Landry,
juin 2001
L'utilisation du jus de betrave mauce pour la coloration de la laine, l'utilisation du teint des pisenli pour colorer la laine, les pisenlis comme nouriture, la fugere utiliser aussi pour teindre la laine.

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