Caring for our Coastal waters

Pour que l'on se soucie de
nos eaux côtières

What needs to be done to elevate
public concern about our coastal waters
to the same level as concern for our forests?  

Que faut-il faire pour élever le niveau
de sensibilisation publique envers les eaux
côtières à celui des forêts?



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Patty Donovan
August 15
We must, somehow, get Government to enact laws to stop human waste from flowing into our waters.

Joan Appleby, 
July 12, 2004

After taking the 1/2 term course at UNBSJ re the environment I luckily have a textbook by
G.Tyler Miller Jr. listing issues for the coastlines such as : the human impact on the water's edge; erosion of; effect of global warming on; the microclimate of; the protection of; the value of; the oxygen-depleted zones of; water pollution in coastal regions; and, the importance of saltwater life zones. The coasts of all the oceans contains 90 % of all
marine species even though it comprises only 10 % of the ocean's area. "Most ecosystems found in the coastal zone have a very high primary productivity... Because of the zone's ample supplies of sunlight and plant nutrients ( flowing & distributed by wind & ocean currents)". Coastal wetlands covered all or part of the time can vary from dense stands of mangrove trees (very important/ critical for a number of reasons) along
shores in tropical areas to grass-dominated saltwater marshes in temperate areas. "Aquatic food chains and food webs tend to be more complex & have more trophic levels than terrestrial food chains & webs. One reason is that the fluidity of water systems & the variety of bottom habitats open up ways of getting food that are not available on land....
Important environmental factors determine the types & numbers of organisms (such as phytoplanfton/ plant plankton, plankton, zooplankton/animal plankton ranging fr.single-celled protozoa to large invertebrates such as jellyfish) found in different layers of coastal waters. These factors are: 1.temperature, 2.access to sunlight for photosynthesis, 3.dissolved oxygen content, 4.availability of nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen, & phosphorus. Many aquatic organisms, especially fish, die when dissolved O2 fall below
5ppm. Also, with pollution increasing the growth of algae or plants unnecessary & only present because of pollution's stimulation to grow, oxygen is used by the algae & taken away from all the others who need it.

Md. Mizanur 
Dhaka, Bangladesh
June 26, 2004
In Bangladesh Coastal embankment was introduced in the 60 decade. It protects saline water intrusion in the agricultural land. The coastal zone in Bangladesh is important for salt cultivation, shrimp cultivation, marine creature, mangrove afforestration etc. 

Md. Imranul Haque
Dhaka, Bangladesh
June 26, 2004
We have to let the people know 
-how coastal waters are essential for our life and environment? 
-what are the reasons and among them which are created by us let them clarify in 
  front of people as a presentation. 
-put some decisions to the people and coordinate them through organization. 

Michael Marshall,
Green Dartmouth
Cole Harbrour
June 24, 2004
More Canadians are aware that we have the world's (second) biggest forest, but are dimly aware we have - by far and away- the world's biggest coastline---particularly in proportion to our population.  In fact every living Canadian - from baby to senior has about a hundred yards of coastline each - staggering when compared to the short coastline 100 million Germans must share, for example. With abundance comes disinterest, it seems.
Peter Maier
June 24, 2004
As long as we stick our heads in the sand we will continue to pollute our oceans. 
For those responsible for the environment, it seems impossible to admit having screwed-up. That is understandable, but what is not understandable is the fact that nobody, especially not the media, seems to care.

June 24, 2004
Take samples of water and analyze them. Ask the inshore fishermen to get involved. Get aerial photographs of the gunk. Get photographs of dead fish. Sensationalism unfortunately is the only thing that seems to work. Analyze the sea weed. Analyze the e-coli content. Tell people that this stuff is s... (You know). Let people know every time somebody has e-coli poisoning. Get the journalists in on the story. Convince one or two of the real missionary types.
Saint-Basile, NB
23 Juin 2004
Il faudrait imposer des lois très sévères, avoir une force environnementale (force policière) avec des pouvoirs pour renforcir ces lois, et conscientiser les gens de ralentir le tempo de leurs vies pour qu'ils puissent donner un coup de main a l'environnement. Également renforcir la promotion que qualité de vie égale environnement, et pourquoi pas vendre notre province sur le plan touristique a savoir que le «Nouveau Brunswick est la province la plus propre au Canada, il faudrait bien que nos gouvernements y voient. 

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