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Our Endangered Coasts: 
The Effects of Climate Change

Nos côtes menacées : 
Les effets des changements climatiques

How do you think climate change will affect your lifestyle? Tell us what you think!

Comment pensez-vous que les changements climatiques influenceront votre mode de vie?  Dites-nous ce que vous en pensez.  

October 17, 2007
Environmental change has already altered our lifestyles! Whether we want to believe it or not, it is "in our face". Consider the wide-spread awareness of global warming; how is that affecting our thinking? It's in the news every day. We are still trying to teach re-cycling so that everyone is on board. We are not wearing as many fur coats these days. People are beginning to build straw-bail or other sustainable types of homes. We are beginning to realize that unless we change our entire way of thinking about our Mother Earth, we will all suffer. This is a new Environmental Renaissance! Women and men are looking back to antiquity to rediscover ancient ways, and if we can successfully blend the old wisdom teachings with present-day knowledge, we will surely have a better chance to save, love, nurture, and heal this Earth! We are here because Great Spirit's love is within us all. We MUST continue to give back that love with all our heart and soul--steadfastly, and with great conviction. But WE HAVE WORK TO DO.
Glenn Patrick Griffin
Saint John, NB September 23, 2007
When we see category 5 hurricanes sweeping the Atlantic it is not hard to realize it is just a matter of time before a winter Nor Easter slams us, sending a Fully Loaded Super Tanker into a Fully Loaded LNG TANKER causing Environmental DAMAGE WHICH HAS NOT BEEN SEEN ON THIS EARTH TO DATE.
David J. Parker
Edmonton, AB
September 22, 2007
I believe that myself and my family will be shielded from the worst effects of CC since we are from an affluent country. Sadly our powerful governments will ensure that food shortages, water problems and resource losses will not hit us as hard as the rest of the world. It is immoral and spineless but it is how history has always worked.  Perhaps we have evolved toward a more ethical and altruistic attitude but there are few signs of it in the modern world. 

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