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Who has the responsibility?
Are our individual efforts just a drop in the bucket?

Individuals are constantly being asked to stop polluting (Take the One Tonne Challenge, Don't Litter!) but how much can the 'little person' do when compared with the amount of pollution large institutions and corporations create. 


À qui revient la responsabilité?
Est-ce que notre effort individuel est juste une goutte dans l'océan?

Nous somme constamment demandé d'arrêter de polluer (Faire le défi Une tonne, ramassez nos déchets). , En tant que simple individu, combien pouvons nous accomplir comparé aux quantités de pollution émis par les institutions et les grosses corporations. 

Andrew Hawkins
Richibucto, NB
November 4, 2007
Just because I may not be able to convince others to do the right thing, it doesn't let me off the hook as far as my environmental responsibilities go. Our actions are more like drops out of the bucket without which the bucket will overflow.
Salon de Provence (France)
August 3, 2006
Il est important que chaque individu fasse un effort. C'est de là que viendra notre salut. Nous attendons trop souvent que les politiques et les scientifiques apportent des solutions "miracles". Leur marge de manoeuvre sont limitées et certains intérêts viennent influencer leurs décisions ou recherches. Nous sommes les seuls à avoir la solution! Pensons à nos enfants.
Suzie Coderre
Feb. 16, 2006
Je crois que chaque petite action est la résultante d'une conscientisation et que l'ensemble des ces actions auront un impact, un jour sur ce grand océan...
Ernest J.P. Muhly
Walkersville,  Maryland
Feb. 13, 2006
I can't really speak about pollution in New Brunswick because I live in the lower forty-eight colonies, but it seems to me that the situation is similar everywhere. Two thousand years of religious focus on salvation being in another realm, combined with world wide colonialism and a financial focus on taking as much as possible in the short term with little regard to long term consequences, has left societies spiritually bankrupt. Pollution is simply an externality that someone else pay for. Without an awareness that the whole living world, and all it supports, is sacred, the condition will only increase.

While I think we all are responsible, and that living compassionately and mindfully about how we treat the total environment as well as other peoples' is something we do to insure our sanity, watching the injustices that are continuously created to legitimize the behavior of corporations, governments and people who have no intention of being held accountable or responsible for their behavior, does make one a bit disheartened.

Speaking truth to power is necessary, but when those who have usurped power continue to ignore the plight of the commons and the people who inhabit them, then other means may be necessary, as is happening in South America. I guess the question is do North American's and others finding themselves under actual or almost dictatorial powers have the resolve to effectively challenge the status quo? Without doing so will simply mean more of what we abhor.


Willi Nolan 
Kent County, NB
January 24, 2006
We can do lots to stop corporations from polluting - first step is not buying from polluters and buy from clean and environmentally responsible companies. Individuals can make sure to take every possible step to reduce the amount of garbage that they produce and avoid using products that contribute to pollution. Here's some more examples: energy efficient light bulbs are now available in dollar stores; find locally grown organic foods; form a group buying club in your neighbourhood; don't use toxic products; vote for people who know what environmental responsibility means and why it's important. 
For Mother Earth and All My Relations

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