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Is the seal hunt an environmental issue?

Est-ce que la chasse des phoques est un problème de l'environnement?

Calgary, AB
May 7, 2007
Yes the seal hunt has to do with the environment I also believe such a barbaric act needs to STOP Immediately this year alone for the second year the sealers have been stuck I think mother nature is sending a message STOP THE HUNT!!! If anyone is Interested In signing my petition to stop the hunt please go here and sign your name and help to stop this from happening this year. Many thanks 
November 30, 2006
i think that it is an enviromental issues i think it should be stopped 
Cheryl Johnson
August 20, 2006
Any animal hunt is an environmental issue. The world is interactive and you can not change any species in a significant way without changing the environment of the entire geographic location in significant ways.
Ross Mayhew
Timberlea, near Halifax, Nova Scotia
June 28, 2006
If the species of seals hunted was in any way shape or form endangered, or if the numbers being killed were causing significant negative ecosystem consequences, then, yes the hunt would be an ecological issue. However, from the data i've seen, neither is the case: there are plenty of seals and "harvesting" a reasonable number of them is similar in nature to any other resource use. Sure they are cute and furry, and have baby-like faces with big eyes, but let's not pretend they are even in danger of becoming anywhere near endangered, or that the hunt is reducing their numbers much. There are HUNDREDS of far more deserving and REAL ecological issues to tackle, such as "by-catch" in most fisheries, but most especially ones which involve long-lining. Leave the cute little seals to the "animal rights" guys and let's get some actual work done on ecological fronts.
P A Dysart
Cocagne N. B.
June 27, 2006
No, the seal hunt is not an environmental issue. Seals are not endangered in any way as DFO officials moniter hunting activities very well. 

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