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Is it better to purchase organic food that comes from afar, or local food that is not organic?

Est-ce que c'est mieux d'acheter de la nourriture biologique qui vient de loin, ou la nourriture locale non-biologique ?

Dr. R.A. Lautenschlager, Sackville, NB It would be easier to answer this if there was convincing evidence that "organically" produced foods had health or environmental advantages over commercially produced foods. Although there strong philosophical beliefs related to this subject, there is no reasonable evidence (published in peer-reviewed journals) that organic has such advantages.
Max Kennedy
Kirkland Lake, ON
June 11, 2007
The short term answer is buying local. This significantly reduces the energy input in the produce. However a longer term view would be to buy organic as it promotes the development of greater organic availability. To promote it ask local farmers if they are organic. When the answer is no indicate it's too bad, you would prefer to buy local but have to consider the quality of what you are putting on the table for your family. Enough consumers doing this will send a strong message and encourage development of local organic farms.
Anne- Laure Debay
Howick, Quebec
3 mars 2007
C'est certainement mieux d'acheter localement. C'est déjà réduire la pollution en limitant les transports. Et oui, c'est encourager les producteurs locaux qui n'ont souvent pas les moyens ($) de se payer une certification "BIO". Mais ils faut aussi acheter tout local. Dans toutes choses éviter les importations. Ainsi l'économie locale fleurira et tout le monde aura les moyens de cultiver,construire, rouler, se vêtir et respirer sainement.
Beatriz Ratz
October 24, 2006
I think if you only want to protect the environment you should buy local, but if you also think of your health you should pick organic from afar. I would prefer organic food from convinced organic farmers. It is a shame that they moved once to non-organic farming. 
Megan Sherwood
Saint John, NB
October 6, 2006
It is better to buy local. But I also think that we can inform our grocery stores that there are local farms that are certified organic that they could purchase their local produce from. For example Farmer Brown's in Norton.
September 22, 2006
By far the better option is to buy from your local farmer - we have to work together and become aware of the plight of the local farmer and the food miles involved. Most people do not even bother to look at the labels to figure out that most of the blueberries sold in our supermarkets in the summer actually come from BC! Where are our blueberries going? to BC?
21 septembre 2006
L'agriculture conventionelle est beaucoup moins chère et tu gaspilles moins de terre.
Fredericton, NB
September 16, 2006
This is an easy question :) It is better to buy local. Once the local farmers have a secure income THEN they can move towards organic farming. Organic farming is on the rise. Local farmers can be persuaded to switch.
Cheryl Killam
Saint John, NB
September 14, 2006
I think buying local is more. You support local farmers and the more we support them the more money they will make and the more money they make the more willing they will be to try new things and realize that there is a market for local organic food.

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