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Has our non-holistic, traditional medical system become outdated? 

Can we count on our doctors to heal us in these times of heavy environmental pollution? 



Est-ce que notre système de médecine traditionnelle est dépassé? 

Peut-on encore compter sur nos médecins pour nous guérir malgré le haut niveau de pollution environnementale?


Longueuil, QC
8 février 2007
La "responsabilisation de soi", c'est là la réponse. Après m'être fait prescrire un produit "naturel" par une naturopathe, produit qui a empiré la situation, au lieu de l'améliorer, je me suis décidée à faire une petite recherche. Aussi, quelle ne fut pas ma surprise de réaliser qu'en Ontario (et toutes les provinces de "l'ouest"), que le domaine est légiféré. Ce n'est qu'au Québec (et dans les provinces de "l'est", selon ce que l'on me dit) que la profession n'est pas légiféré. Ce qui fait que n'importe qui peut prendre que quelques cours et ensuite s'annoncer "naturopathe". En Ontario, une personne doit suivre une formation de 4 ans (après sa formation universitaire) afin de devenir "Docteur en naturopathie". Aussi, c'est avec bonheur que j'ai découvert une docteure en naturopathie et DE CONCERT avec elle, je suis enfin en contrôle de ma santé.
Nik Basque
Moncton, NB
April 21, 2006

Lise! You are so right. The number of people that are now flooding allergy clinics is indicative of how living in a toxic soup of a world is contributing to the degradation of our health. And anybody with allergies knows that reactine and nasal spray is only a band-aid solution- one that we rely on far too much. But, I think that people are beginning to accept responsibility for their own health and subscribe to the mantra "patient heal thyself" by working with naturopaths, homeopaths, nurtritionists, and other wholistic practitioners who empower us with the knowledge of how our body works, why we are feeling certain symptoms and how to read our bodies when illness is there, as well as how to take care of ourselves. I use homeopathy and have seen a natural nutritionist (you, Lise!) after a long, frustrating battle with being overwhelmed by antibiotics from my allopathic physician- without results- and can attest to not only the benefits of using wholistic methods, but the much more personal, and empowering, relationship that develops with wholistic practitioners that is something that benefits both patient and practioner, contributes to the healing process, and something that allopathic medicine could learn a thing or two from. Thanks for the forum! This is great. 
Lise Fournier
Moncton, NB
March 26, 2006
Has our non-holistic, traditional medical system become outdated? 
The question should not be so much has the system become outdated than have we gone too far with the current medical system? In our quest for knowledge we are trying to understand every particle of sand when really we need to look at the whole. We have fragmented the human body to such finite functions, each with its own specialist, forgetting that the body works as a whole.

We all know that when we lack harmony in any system, that it be an orchestra, a sports team or the human body, a lack of ease occurs. In the human body we have named is dis'ease. Because we can no longer find a Doctor that looks not only at the symptom but at the whole person and their environment we are patching messengers with drugs, further unbalancing the body. Symptoms are seen as defects in the body while they are only messages to us that we need to re-balance our life.

Unfortnately, not only is the message not listened to, it is gagged with chemicals that usually entail side effects, ie. more symptoms, leading to a vicious cycle. I am sure you can see the rest of that picture.

To educate the current medical profession about more wholistic methods of thinking would probably give us some relief but it would still leave them in control of our health and destiny. They would still be the keepers of the knowledge and the patient (us) would still be the 'innocent' bystanders.

The solution is to educate the patient to their responsabilities and the concept of health. We generally think of health as the absence of dis'ease but in reality health can only be present when there is total harmony inside the body, the mind, the spirit and the environment around us. To think that health comes only on the physical level in this day and age would require that we live in a glass bubble. If we do not take responsability for our own actions (all of them) then harmony will not exist.

Can we count on our doctors to heal us in these times of heavy environmental pollution?
No because the concept of health is simply the absence of disease and we rely on our government to pass laws that make the use of environmental pollutants legal. As stated above we do not want to think that we may have to think for ourselves. WE prefer to give responsability away to someone else, bury our heads in the sand and hope for the best. 

What is the definition of insanity? doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. WE cannot run away. We must do something NOW. If everyone stopped buying certain products because of chemicals or drugs because of side effects they would stop making them.

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