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Are our existing laws adequate to protect the environment?  
Are environmental laws well-enforced?  
Are the penalties for breaking environmental laws appropriate?  
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Est-ce que nos lois déjà en place sont adéquates pour protéger l’environnement?
Est-ce que nos lois environnementales sont bien mises en vigueur?  
Est-ce que les amendes imposées à ceux qui enfreignent les lois environnementales sont appropriées?
Quelle est votre opinion? 

Christel Martin
Nanaimo, B.C.
April 25, 2007

I'm not even sure we have any environmental protection laws when, for example, pulp mills still pollute our air, water and soil with heavy metals and chemicals, and dentists install mercury amalgam fillings - -mercury, the most poisonous naturally-occurring, non-radioactive neurotoxin on Earth, second only to plutonium. I don't understand either why doctors seem unaware of the effects of environmental contamination. Clearly, there's lots I don't understand. I know that 3 members of my family have mercury and lead poisoning and I have the medical lab results to prove it. My father died of it (Alzheimer's & multiple myeloma), my niece is on disability for it (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue & depression), and I've re-mortgaged the house to afford DMPS chelation for mercury poisoning. Three other members of my family (mother, 2 sisters--multiple myeloma, breast & lung cancer) lived in the same environment, so I can only guess that heavy metals played a role there, too. I'm getting well, thanks to my friend Fern who sent me to the only doctor in town who specializes in integrative medicine, but it's not covered by medicare or most private insurances.

Saint John Region
March 2, 2007

#1. Are our existing laws adequate to protect the environment? No, I don't think they are. They protect neither the environment or those who would try to look after it. Are environmental laws well-enforced? Absolutely not. Enforcement for envirionmental issues is limited to very few staff spread out over very large regions and results in them being overworked and limited in their usefullness. Are the penalties for breaking environmental laws appropriate? They may be, but the laws seem unenforceable for the most part and enforcement efforts are so poor that it is diffiult to make judgement on the appropriateness of penalties. I know that dealing with the department of Environment can be a pretty big penalty all on it's own - whether you are trying to do good work or to get away with offences. The state of Environmental Protection in Southern NB is deplorable in my opinion.

Romain Landry
Membre du Comité permanent sur l'économie et le développement durable dans la région Chaleur
Free Grant
1 mars 2007

Pour simplifier, disons que ma réponse est non à toutes vos questions. Le problème. Quoi faire? Chacun a ses théories sur quoi faire, d'ou les divisions, les débats et les conflits. Une chose est certaine, c'est la première fois que la vie sur la planète est remise en question. 

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