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Stamp of Approval?

Sceau d'approbation ?

Has industry co-opted green certification programs?

Est-ce que les entreprises ont récupéré les programmes de certification ?

Brent McKee
January 13, 2007

Industry doesn't care about the environment unless it can improve their bottom line and further enhance shareholders pockets. Greed along with fattening ones already fat pockets is the end result of consumerism around which our society is based. A rude wake-up call is in order and unless we change our lifestyles drastically a world calamity will force us to change. What do you think?....Generally do people even embrace slight changes in their pampered lifestyles. My neighbor still idles her NEW vehicle for 1/2 hr before driving anywhere. Another past friend exclaims "Ride the Bus; are you kidding is so inconvenient!"

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