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What would you like to see in this magazine?  
Quels genre d'articles aimeriez-vous y lire?

Stacy Lynn
October 30, 2000
I think that you should make an actual magazine that can be sent to my home!
25 sept. 2000
Faites-vous un répertoire d'articles dénonçant certaines pratiques: J'ai lus un article une fois qui parlait de la coupe des arbres. J'y ai appris que nos belles forêts tout le long des chemins ne sont en fait que de simples bandes de végétation ne s'étalant que sur 500m environ, ce qui signifie que, plusieurs compagnies (forestières) outrepassent toute moralité dans le but de faire de plus gros profits, au dépends de la faune la flore et même de la population. Je crois que cet article s'intitulait: "L'erreur boréale". On veut du Punch!!!! 
Denis Daigle, Richibucto NB
Sept 20, 2000
What about a wilderness survival and awareness school here in New Brunswick?  I am a Survival Instructor with the 3773 Richibucto Air Cadet squadron on the East coast. I have been wandering the net for anything in NB about making the population aware of nature. Not in the environmental sense, since many know about it, but about the old ways, about enjoying nature and living with nature. Here's my point. If New Brunswick had a school which Survival Instructors from this province could teach young and old about living with nature: Shelters, fire making, edible and medicinal plants, primitive tool making, animal tracking and identification, and so much more. Using nothing but the help of nature -- Only then could we reach the public to a more appreciative level of nature. Through awareness comes respect. 
Sept.15, 2000
How about a forum on the melting of the polar icecaps?  Inuit kids being scared by seeing insects they never saw before, mobile animals like caribou changing their routes because of perma-frost not being 'perma' anymore, the disastrous consequences upon the world ecology - rain fall, watershed, crops, floods, tornados etc.
Ken R
June 9, 2000 
Where can I find information on alternative fuels?

Elements: respondedFrom our main index page you can use our new search feature with key words.  Also in our "ARCHIVES" area please check out relevant themes such as:  "Transportation" "Fossill Fuels..." and our "Living the Green Life" issues for more fuel-related / transportation articles.

Georgette Pharand
February 19, 2000
Peut-etre quelques dessins animés avec musique, ou contes avec dialogue. Ajouter des courts métrages écolos.
Vincent Zelazny, R.P.F.
Department of Natural Resources and Energy
Just a suggestion: put a link on this site for contact information. Name of coordinator, of office staff, address, phone, fax, email, etc. Maybe for security reasons you're not doing this . . . . .

Elements: responded: Thank you for your interest!
To find out information on Elements click here
To find out information on the NBEN click here. Thanks!

Jim Sedge
Ocotber 25, 1999
Possible addition to Elements: A large interactive site for children. An area where the children can write in their views on the monthly view. 

Elements: responded:  Thank you for your suggestion! Presently we do have a great area for children which includes varied activites. We are however, always looking for ideas on new fun content we can provide for our younger visitors. Please feel free to send us your ideas!

Craig Devendorf
Sept 5, 1999
Re: the photo album you put together on New Brunswick. 
I have one observation to share...
First, the observation. At the base of each set of pictures, the reader needs to manually move back to the top of the page to move on. Would it be possible to insert a button to return to the top of the page before moving on? Thank you for your consideration and cooperation

Elements: responded:  This is a great suggestion and we will incorporate your suggestion into the photo album as soon as we can!  Thank you for your input, we really appreciate it alot!

Michael McQuade
July 15, 1999
Is there a search on the web page?

Elements: responded:  We have now provided our readers with a search engine for Elements! Thank you!

Steven Dukeshire Truro, N.S. January 5, 1999

Can anyone recommend a good source of  information for conducting focus groups? I looked on the website, but did not find anything that I thought would be suitable for what I want (that is, a how to guide).

Elements: responded:  A great source of information on Focus Groups is Community Based Social Marketing : Douglas MacKenzie-Moore at

Thanks for getting back to me concerning information on focus groups. I did check out the website you suggested and found it useful for many things over and above the focus group. Thanks for recommending it.

Judy Koch
June 15, 1998

Sirs... You have made a wonderful beginning. I enjoyed the surf . One suggestion perhaps you could include something each week on 
N.B. trails
. They are so numerous.. Keep up the good work.

Jim Marr,
Moncton, NB
March 18, 1998

I'd like to suggest you include our province's endangered species
(as listed in local newspapers recently) on your web page;

Leatherback turtle, piping plover, peregrine falcon, harlequin duck
Maritime ringlet butterfly, anticosi aster, furbish's lousewart,
southern twaybiade, pine drops, prototype quillwart, Gulf of St Lawrence aster, Canada lynx, bald eagle.

Lee Everett,
New Brunswick
February 27, 1998

Hello,  I really liked your web page.  It still needs some games, like a guessing game. The archives need improvement. 

Catherine Schellenberg,
February 23, 1998

Congratulations on a great site! I'm curious as to whether you will be adding a subscribe feature? If not, how often do you plan to update? I noticed with interest your article on the Piping Plover. I am Communications Advisor to the Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment Canada, and thought I would tell you about a couple of WWW pages we have on this endangered species, in case you are interested in adding links to other information.
~ The first is the Hinterland Who's Who PSA (we all grew up with these television spots, now they're available on the WWW) on the Piping Plover, and is up at   
In fact, the entire series is available.
~ The other page on the Piping Plover is up on our Atlantic Regional office's WWW site, at

Should you, in future, wish to speak with someone in our Atlantic Regional Office, regarding wildlife or other environmental issues, please contact Jon Stone, Regional Director of Communications, at (902) 426-3871 or by e-mail at
Best of luck with this new e-zine

Elements: responded:  We now have a subscribe feature!

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