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Problems ~ Problèmes

Have you had any technical problems on the site?
Que pensez-vous de la revue Éléments? 

J.F. Raymond
May 8, 2000

On your page you say we can get Real Audio free but when we click on your icon
 it brings us to the Real Audio page to BUY the software at  $29.99(USF). Please let me know how to get the free software. 

Elements replied:  
When you are at our site and you click on the real audio link so that you can download the player, you will be taken to:
<>   On this page look carefully for this text: 
"RealPlayer 7 Basic is our free player."
Click there for the free version. It is located near the bottom of the main part of the page. You will then have to fill out a form etc. in order to download it.  Thank you!

J.F. Raymond's response:
I followed your instructions, it worked and is performing as expected.   Your site looks great and I liked the interview with Mrs Thompson. 
I intend to go back soon. Thanks again.

Roy Bryant
June 18, 1999
There appears to be a problem on this page of your site.
On your page
when you click on your link to the Bat Conservation of Canada  you get the error: Domain name lookup failed (may be a transient error) ... Broken link

Elements notes: Please be advised that the site we were linking to  seems to be now non-existant, therefore it has been replaced with a working link.

Harry Reynolds,
Nova Scotia
July 27, 1998

Your offer of a free download of Realplayer resulted in a totally blank  screen. I have found out that your audio files are designed for an  application that can only be used with Windows95/NP/98. What about the  rest of us poorer people who still browse the network with Windows 3.1? Your site is excellent but with Windows 3.1 we cannot take advantage of  your audio clips. It is interesting that you would assume everyone is running "95" or up.

Elements replied:  We have had a number of messages from readers concerning our real audio interviews to date.  The big problem seems to be that many readers do not understand that you need a separate piece of software to listen to the audio.  When you visit the Real player site, you must look for the correct version of free Real Player for your operating system.  Almost all operating systems are supported, from Windows 3.1 to server side Unix.  All you have to do after downloading the right software is follow the installation instructions and then surf the net looking for real audio clips.  The software that we point to with the link is widespread and as close to a standard as can be found on the Internet; it will work on many sites, not just Elements.

If you have any difficulty with the audio interviews, or any other technical problems, please still feel free to contact us at

Brian Elliot
Knightville, NB
February 18, 1998

I can't get email to work anywhere on the elements site. I tried most of them again tonight.  The screen comes up but when I hit 'send' it says that URL doesn't exist. Have you received any other mail from the site? I notice NBEN mail goes to while Elements mail goes to could that be the difference? But then this message goes to 
My final comment for tonight. Consider dating your pages and putting your address for comments and questions about the website. I'd especially do a footer on the index page. People will contact you with technical issues if you give the opportunity or encouragement to do so. You do not want viewers to be frustrated and never come back and may get some good suggestions.

Elements replied:  Thank you for your suggestions. All of our interactive areas should now have appropriate email address assigned to each. We have taken your other comments into consideration as well! Thanks!

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