The Restigouche River

Roy Fyffe
Previously published by Our Little Corner Of The Net
May 1999


h.gif (298 bytes)eart cease your pounding in my chest.
What river's this that doth bequest.
My mind to fly its bitter pain
Like cloud doth drop its pouring rain?

Fresh breath of life, drink deep in me
Sweet smell of honeysuckle free,
While eyes scan far of beauty's love
In river's heart from ledge above.

Wandering arms of Restigouche,
Like rising soul of Scaramouche,
Dancing to please the searcing eye
From forest green to open sky.

Firey tops on maples gleen
O'er river soft, still, serene,
Cedar, spruce, dark evergreen,
Glistening sand, bespeaks pristine.

restig.jpg (22284 bytes)
(photo: Poet's Song)

Yet distant visioned arms that curl
Through raging rapids, soon unfurl
This peaceful river's wilderness,
Its changing soul and passioned breast.

Brave travelers near and far and wide
Do seek the thrill of river's tide.
With songs of nite and voices strong
They ride to conquer Nature's song.

Two days, the journey long of wear,
Some journ to seek their solace, where
The Restigouche, does wind and twist
Through dark of night and morning mist.

Thus on this ledge I gamely stand,
Perched above this faiery'ed land
At journeys end, to finally see,
The Restigouche has conquered me.

Through river's rage I'll run its course.
It's gentler passion's sweet discourse
Will ease my mind with soft release.
I'll see its heart. I'll feel its peace.

I'll see its heart. I'll feel its peace.

Roy Fyffe

Author's Note
This poem was written for two dear friends, Beulah and Paul, in description of the beautiful picture of the 
Restigouche River which headlines their homepage. If you are a Nature lover and enjoy photographic artistry, 
visit their site and view the wonders of Nature's beauty.