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Derived from the latin musa, (Greek Mousa)
refers to each
of the nine godessess, the daughters of Zeus & Mnemosyne, who inspire poetry,  music, drama...

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Muse: n. f.
<latin musa, du Grec Mousa) 
1. Chacune des neuf déesses qui, dans la mythologie antique, présidaient aux arts libéraux. 
2. L'inspiration
poétique souvent évoquée sous les traites d'une femme.

Go with
the Flow

Groupe des
"Écoute les contes,
des courants..."

Johanne Parent
"...tu sais le froid..."

Child of the Forest
Karen Townsend
"In the forest, I wander with my child..."
(photo: Brian Townsend)

Danger -
men working in trees

"...as he wraps his limbs around  the trunks..."
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(photo: P.Martin)

Mathieu Gallant
"The Moon is our guide..."

(photo: unknown)

Advice on Living the Green Life
Martin Willison
"... a growing and vibrant community joined by a common core that is physical, social and spiritual"

Untitled Poem
Jim Bedell
"New Brunswick hands made not
a stitch in anything he wore"

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Strangers on the Shore
Karen Townsend
"Curiosity about life below the tide..."


Power Failure
Karen Townsend
"Wise in the ways of the Earth..."

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(photo: Mary Ann Coleman)

J'ai vu la mer
Mireille Godin

Poème - Poetry

The Going Away Party
Roger Davies
Poetry ~ Poème

(photo: WWF)

Rape of the earth
Patty Donovan
Poetry ~ Poème

The Crusher
Jamie Simpson
"...it crushes whatever
can't be sold for profit..."

(photo: Three Feathers)

For the Warriors
Ellen Klaver
"...to know that what is worth fighting for ..."

Soleils couchants
Paul Verlaine
Mon coeur qui s'oublie
Aux soleils couchants..."

(photo: DELG)

J.B. Bedell
"You and I need not
comply with the grim
demands of a job that
means to rob nature
by our hands..."

A Short History
of Medicine
"Here, eat this root."

(photo: NBEN-RENB)

Brève historique
de la médecine

"Tiens, mange cette racine."

Rivière triste
Sarah LeBlanc
"Rivière jalouse,
étreignant à jamais
son flame fertil..."

(photo: Pat Paul)

(photo: NBEN-RENB)

River of Life
Jeannine LeBlanc 
"...I am in a trance
with the beauty that
is all around me..."

An ode to
the river

Patty Donovan
"Oh my beautiful
one I have not
forsaken you..."

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(photo: E.McMillan)

(photo: J. Brown)

Jean-Mari Pître
"Autant de visibles silences comme des nuits inavouables, les non couleurs ensorcelantes du blanc environnant couvrent-elles les pensées..."

Where the
Crabgrass Grows

Richard Doiron
"In my garden plot..."

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(photo: WWW)

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(photo: Mary Majka)

Sweet Maiden
of Quoddy

James De Mille
"Sweet maiden of
Shall we seek for
communion of

Le Trille
Paul Lalonde
Une courte poème qui rend hommage à la nature.


sunset -restigouche
(Photo: Irene Doyle)

The Secrets of Restigouche
Nimblewill Nomad
"The secrets of the Restigouche,
Are known to only me."

On the North
Renous River

Nanook of Nashwaak
A poem of  the
North Renous River

(photo:Mary Majka)

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Le Rousseau
Paul Lalonde
"Les chants d'oseaux,
trop riches..."

Karen Townsend
"...the secret of joy."


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(photo: NBEN/RENB)

Weep for the Whales
Art Bates
"Listen to the
heartbeat of the water..."

Ode À Ma Mer
Rishy Bukoree
"Contemplation d'une
mer émeraude  ...."

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