(art: Andre Audet)

An ode to the river

Patty Donovan,
The Wild Circle
April 22, 2000


h my beautiful one I have not forsaken you
within a dark place dwells
that has consumed and killed and poisoned
what is innocent and good in you
the fear of what is to be lost devours
eats away washes away
leaving only death and pain in its wake
the repercussions of choices leaves a brutal gaping wound
mother earth's life blood oozing
poisoning her core through an obvious entry
that no one tries to heal
they make splints but leave the lesion exposed
to fester and bleed
dumping salt on it that burns and disfigures

h my beautiful one I have not forsaken you in my heart at any rate
I carry a light within that mother earth has blessed me with
and I will not fear to look within your pain
I must come back to you wrapped in white gauze
to soak up the blood that trickles from capacious veins
I must come back to you and take your woes to my breast
although blackened and disfigured
you are a child of my womb as I am a child of yours
and I will not reject you if you will honor me
allow me back in to your arms
let your cooling liquid flow through me cleanse my spirit and
let me flow through you touch my skin so gently
caressing loving sharing become one equally
in my eyes you are alive and you breathe and you grow
and you live in me you give me life
to reconnect we need to form an intimate unbreakable bond that will
last forever