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(photo:Mary Majka)


Mathieu Gallant
July 1998

s.gif (348 bytes)o fragile is life
So dim is the light
So dark is the night
So thin is the vein
So thick is the veil
So narrow's the path

In chaos we live
Our time has run out
Decisions to make
A fork in the road
Which way shall we choose?
Comfort or justice?

To love is our goal
To listen's our clue
To act is our cue
To waste is our game
To save is our fear
To loose is our end

The Moon is our guide
The Earth, our mother
The Sun, her father
Legends of the past
No one really cares
Our hearts have grown cold...

Look over yonder
The last tree has burned
The last fish has died
The wonder of life
Has been destroyed for
Just a few dollars...

Mathieu Gallant 1998