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   Power Failure

Karen Townsend
April 1998

I have glimpsed the shadow of a woman in me

Thousands of years ago she was a Healer
Knowing the plants and how to absorb another's pain
Wise in the ways of the Earth and its cycles
Using the Power within herself
To transform her world.

The shadow woman is part of everyone
She is one with living things
Her voice can speak for All
Boundaries dissolve between me, you, and her
The boundaries that keep us lonely.

The shadow woman celebrates life
Unhampered by regrets, denial, or desire
Completely open to her surroundings
She gives just what is needed
And is able to receive that which strengthens her.

Why is she here no longer?
She frightened men and they invented evil
Judging her, they banished and destroyed her
She was ridiculed, denied, schemed against
She was burned at the stake eight million times.

The Earth cries in pain for the shadow woman's wisdom
The people long for her to end their isolation
Too long have we lived without her power
Too long have our lives been dark and cold
I grow to make room enough for her to bloom inside me.