River of Life

Jeannine LeBlanc
Alladins Belly Dancers
April 22, 2000


s I walk down the path of life
I see the trail of the future
Birds greet me with their beautiful songs
The trees are smiling as I walk past them
They are happy to see me
and to feel my presence
They know that I admire their beauty
They radiate with warmth and compassion
They embrace me with their love
The flowers send me their perfume on the wings of fairies
They know that I respect them
and that I am in love
Iím in love with the air, with the trees,
with the perfume of life.

I dance as I dream about what is to come
I twirl with the winds of the future
I sway with the limbs of the trees
I see with the eyes of the owl
I fly with the wing of the eagle
I am in a trance with the beauty that is all around
I feel the colors as they enter my soul
They flow through me like the river of life
The purple of the grapes that are ready to be picked
The blue of the sky that is a castle in disguise
The green of the leaves that shine with radiance
The gold of the sun that warms my skin
The orange of the mushroom that warms the soul
The red of the berries that are so delicious

I dance with the fairies
I dance with the angels
I dance with life
I thank my creator for the abundance so plenty