De retour sur la sellette?

Dans cet article amusant, Eddy Park , étudiant universitaire de jour et
cycliste urbain sauvage de nuit, nous donne un aperçu des joies du cyclisme.
Cet article, rempli d'aspects positifs du cyclisme (développer des jambes en
troncs d'arbres; le stationnement gratuit, etc.), va vous redonner le goût
d'aller prendre de l'air
frais et de courir les chemins en utilisant la forme d'énergie la plus
efficace de locomotion humaine.

Back in the Saddle?

Eddy Park
April 1998

hhh...biking. I remember the days when I used to bike, they were like yesterday. Back in those days my legs were like tree trunks, my calves were akin to well polished apples, and my behind...oh my behind, DAMN! My bike was pricey to say the least (i.e. for a student’s budget), but the rewards were beyond my imagination.

"As it turns out, nothing says gorgeous like a bike!"

First, let me tell you about the joys of biking as transportation. I could wake up five minutes before class and get there five minutes late, not bad considering it was a 30 minute walk uphill. I didn’t have to wait for buses, fork over precious loonies for a cab or plead and beg for a drive. Besides the utilitarian uses of a bike, imagine this, "it is a warm sunny summer day and you and your bike are spending quality time together cruising down a small dirt trail. The smell of balsam fir refreshes you with each breath. Your body is moving, sweating, playing and just enjoying itself. " With a companion like a bike, who needs a date. Speaking of dates...for the love of God I got dates when I biked! As it turns out, nothing says gorgeous like a bike. It is kinda like that uniform thing, I guess.

It is now about time that a disclaimer appeared. Biking can be a dangerous activity. Please wear a helmet, regard all traffic rules and watch your speed. With that in mind, a great way to boost your ego is to race down a hill and pass mundane motorists. For a great laugh, weave your way thru cars stuck in traffic. As you pass the gas stations you can smirk at those pumping more cash into their cars, while you feed your engine with chocolate, fruit or pizza. Bikes will always pass emission laws. There is one more thing I would like to point out, NO PARKING TICKETS.

In addition to the disclaimer above, I would like to forewarn you about the world of biking. It is addictive and some say cultish. A biker belongs to two walks of life, the sidewalk and road. They are faster than pedestrians and most definitely cooler than motorists. In rain, wind, sun or snow, bikers are out there fulfilling the ultimate purpose by providing a solution for the energy crisis.


Now I can only reminisce about those precious and happy days of biking; some #$%!#$ ripped-off my bike! I have sadly reverted back to my pre-bike state and it is not good. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel: I have a summer job, I will make money, I will buy a bike that I cannot afford, I will ride again, I will be a biker.