Pour Français Elements: on-line environmental magazine
Guidelines for contributors

Elements online environmental magazine, http://www.elements.nb.ca, was founded in November 1997 by the New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN). The purpose of the magazine is to present information, opinion and environmental perspectives in an appealing, readable form for the general public. The magazine is published and maintained by the staff of the NBEN office in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada.

Submissions should conform to the following categories:

Feature articles, 1000 words, with photographs and other illustrations (e.g. maps or drawings). Authors of articles should consider using an opening paragraph that will catch the readers interest, background details for the opening and quotations throughout the article.

Review of media such as books, government publications, film, magazines, 500 words.

Short stories, poetry, cartoons, images, personal essays and commentaries will all be considered.

Photographs or illustrations to accompany your article must be submitted. Links to references, addresses, and background information are encouraged. We will edit for presentation on the Internet. Submissions are accepted in English, French, Maliseet and Mi’Kmaq. Multi-lingual submissions are encouraged.

Elements is meant to appeal to a readership not necessarily familiar with the latest environmental trends, issues or movements. Articles submitted should be original, entertaining, well written, and appropriate for a mostly Canadian readership. The magazine is not intended as a news letter for the NBEN. Submissions to the magazine must be interesting and appealing, not sermons to the unconverted.

We do not pay for contributions. We offer a chance for contributors to express their opinions, gain free publicity, and make others aware of environmental issues. Material submitted should not have been published or submitted elsewhere. Full credit is given for written material and images used by the magazine. We are not responsible for unsolicited material, and reserve the right to edit all submissions for content, length, and clarity in consultation with the authors.

Electronic mail to webmaster@elements.nb.ca  is the preferred method of submission. Illustrations should be on individual pages, and sent as attachments. Please include the author(s)’ name, title, and contact information. Please provide credits for all images. Hard copy submissions should be typed, double spaced, on one side of the paper. Contributions may be faxed or mailed as hard copy or on a floppy disc.