New Brunswick Environmental Network Office

New Brunswick Environmental Network Profile

The New Brunswick Environmental Network (NBEN) was formed in 1990 as a non- profit network of citizen environmental groups in New Brunswick. The NBEN presently has 79 member groups. It is affiliated with the Canadian Environmental Network (CEN), a national organization with over 1000 members.

The role of the NBEN is to improve communication and co-operation among environmental groups and between these groups, government and industry. The NBEN provides educational opportunities for its members and encourages the growth of the environmental movement in New Brunswick. The NBEN is not an advocacy group and does not take positions on any issue.

The NBEN is governed by a Steering Committee that is elected, by members, at the annual general meeting. Each member of the NBEN has one vote. The Steering Committee consists of eight representatives. Two representatives are chosen from each of the following groups: Youth, First Nations, Francophone and Anglophone.

NBEN Action Groups are networks of members who share a common environmental concern. These action groups are focused in the following areas; clean air, environmental impact assessment, Environmental Trust Fund, environmental education, forests, youth, harmonization and nuclear issues.

New Brunswick Environmental Network 
Mission Statement

To encourage and facilitate networking and communication among member groups in order to:

  • advance their work to protect the Earth
  • promote ecologically sound ways of life
  • strengthen the environmental movement in New Brunswick.

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